Any success stories with IUI plus clomid?
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cmelissa - February 16

Hey Everyone,
I'm new to this but just needed some support since I have had no luck getting pregnant. God it's so frustrating and a let down each month. I will be trying my 3rd IUI next month w/100mg of Clomid. Has anyone had any success? I just found out today I'm not pregnant from the blood test, but i laready knew since i took a HPT. Hope to hear from you guys!


Ann - February 16

cmelissa, sorry about your VFN. I just got another one this morning. Unfortunately I have not had my own success. However, I have read that, statistically, your 3rd iui is the one where you are most likely to get pg. I guess it must be because your dr is familiar with your cycles by then. Good luck to you!


cmelissa - February 16

Thanks for your reply Ann. What cycle are you on? I'm praying that the 3rd time is a charm. Do you knowhow many times to try IUI before moving onto IVF?


Ann - February 16

I have done 4 clomid cycles with iui and one natural clomid cycle, and next month I am moving on to injectibles. How long have you been ttc? Do you know why you are having issues? I of course meant BFN above--I can't type!!


cmelissa - February 17

I've been trying a little over a year. My problem is irregular cycles so hard to track ovulation. My husband and I have had all the tests done and everything is normal. So after IUI's you move onto injectables - what do those do?


Ann - February 17

The injectibles are just to stimulate your ovaries to make more eggs--just more eggs/more chances. They are a little "stronger" (and unfortunately much more expensive) than clomid. The injectibles are the same things they use when you do ivf, but I am just doing iui for now. It sounds like clomid should be a great thing for you. I know it regulates your system as well as helping you O! Do you get ultrasounds during your cycle with clomid? I just got another BFN this morn. Ugh!!


dee - February 18

Hi. I am 5dpo. Had my first IUI Valentines Day. I got put on injectibles from the beginning. Tried clomid for 5 months, but discovered dh has issues with motility and morphology. The only reason we went for injectibles is that they monitor more thoroughly. I get blood tests every second day, then daily, have an ultrasound and then the trigger. I was told usually the third one works. I guess its because we are not so stressed about it and we work out our cycles. I only produced one egg on injectibles (was hoping for two).I dont think this month will work as was told to bd, only had one day between bd and iui.Next time I will know once hormones reach 400 thats when bd stops.


tammy - February 19

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Good luck



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