Any success from HSG or Laparoscopy
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Maren - October 10

Hi, I just had my HSG which looked good. I am going to have the Laparoscopy to see if there are other problems that are keeping me from my BFP. I am feeling a little down about my near chances at achieving pregnancy and could use some stories of success. Next step would be injectables or invetro, which we need to do a little financial planning for, if no success perhaps starting in the new year.


Lin - October 10

Hey Maren, long time no see. I'm going in for my HSG this Friday. Good luck to you! I hope that HSG gave your tubes the little flush they needed for a bfp!


Maren - October 11

Hi Lin. I need to jump start things. The dr. said we had about 3-4 % chance of conceiving on our own given this years track record. I hope the HSG helps although me dr. saids he doesn't believe it really improves one's chances. He also doesn't think I need to chart if I don't want, but I think it is helpful. (just OPK's he says) But, he is a good dr. and he did my HSG in not even a minute. I've heard women having theirs done for about 5 minutes....I was so glad it was over. I'll be getting those opk's today and we'll try try try again. if nothing next month, I will do the larparoscopy since it is covered by my insurance. After that if nothing is wrong we will think about the heavy duty med's. One on those try runs around 2,000 - 2,500 dollars. I want to make sure nothing else is wrong first.


Maren - October 11

Let me know how your HSG goes. Good luck, I hope all is clear.


Tracy88 - October 11

Maren, I had the HSG, did not get PG then went in for a lap. They found a nice little mess going on inside my body. I had endometriosis, cysts on my fallopian tubes, adhesions pinning my ovaries down, a fibroid on the surface of my uterus, polypoid tissue in my uterus, and a bunch of extra tissue that looked like cotton candy in my uterus. There was never any indication that any of this was going on except the fibroid, so I was quite surprised to find so many things wrong. Needless to say, the doc cleaned me up and made things beautiful in there (lol). I spent the next cycle TTC naturally while the doc monitored me to see how my body worked on its own, then the next cycle we did injectables and I am now 8 weeks PG with fraternal twins! We did the lap before spending more time and money on treatments and I am so glad I did. Good luck!


Maren - October 11

Thanks Tracy. I am actually hoping that the dr. finds something and can fix it. I am tired of all my tests coming back perfect. I would rather have something I could fix... I even know I am ovulating, so it makes sense to try the lap before meds. Thanks for your story, I am nervous about the whole infertility senario.


Tracy88 - October 12

All my tests always came back perfect too and it was driving me crazy. I just can't imagine doing months and months of drugs without knowing if there's something obstructing things. Keep me posted.


Maren - October 12

Fortunatly I don't have to wait too long, I've figured I will go in either Nov. 3rd or 10th, probably the 10th. I just want to get on with it.


kotkot005 - October 16

hi girls .. just want to share you my story ... i have been trying to concieve for the last two years.. the only clear problem is PCOS .. three consultants agreed on that ... my DH is perfectly normal. so afterseveral clomid cycles & Hsg . my RE was so determinate to do the lap. I did it 4th October... they found a very very small cyst on my righ fallopian tubes.. it is about 1.5 cm but after watching the lap. CD i figured out that it was holding my tube down.. maybe preventing it from proper movement towards the ovary.. anyways, i recovered in three days and got back to normal activities.. i really recommend that you go for it ... it is just a direct and clear way to tell what is going on wrong inside!
wish you all the luck


Maren - October 16

Thanks for your story, hopefully that will clear the way for your BFP. I am planning on doing the lap next month. I need to call the dr. office when AF comes. I have been trying to figure out which weekend it will be Nov. 4th or 10th. I just got +'s on my opk yesterday, so maybe the fourth, I have a luteal phase of 13.


JenG - October 16

Hi Ladies, I did a HSG in Jan of this year and got pregnant on that cycle. It does flush the small stuff and make you much more condusive to getting pregnant. Unfortunately for me, I miscarried at 7 wks, but it definitely happens.


Tink - October 16

hey ladies- thanks for your story Tracey- i am hoping for the same result. I've done the HSG with clear results, but no BFP afterwards. After 2 unsuccessful IUIs, i have decided to do the lap. i go in a few days (friday). i hope that they actually find something, at least it would explain something. then we will do another IUI in november and again in December if needed. I am hoping the lap is the magic card. how long were you guys recovering from it? just over the weekend?


Maren - October 17

Dh and I have been making the most of the first month post HSG, we'll see :) Trying to take it a little easy this week. If it isn't successful I'll be going in for a lap. I am curious to see how your's was Tink.


Maren - October 17

Jen G, that must have been so disappointing. Hopefully BFP soon.


JenG - October 18

Hi, I never did the Lap. My HSG and Hesteroscopy was clear. In addition, my RE runs a certain blood level which is an indicator if a Lap is necessary. Might want to ask about it. I am doing IVF now.


Tink - October 18


I'll definitely post up and let you guys know how it went. surely there is something in there wreaking havoc or preventing implantation. that is just my guess and hope. at least that would explain something. right now, they don't know what the problem is. my follies are good, i am ovulating, sperm is good (2 Semen analysis ran) and i am healthy. so endo must be the hold up. i am hoping so. isn't that sad that i am hoping i have it? at least it would make sense finally and maybe my PMS pain will be gone. i've lived with it for so long, i don't really know any different.


kotkot005 - October 19

hey tink .. idid my lap. 4th October, the whole procedure was great except for the anstegia which was a hell itself. honestly i got back to normal activities in 3 days. it is magic .. it is video taped also.. and when i swa the video tape i thank god for how advanced science is nowadays. anyways they found a small cyst on my right fallopian tube .. it a tiny one but they removed it .. they also confirmed that i have PCOS .. IT IS VERY CLEAR ! other than that everything looks normal .. no adhesion , no ovary cysts and endom. my tubes are patent.
it is amazaing .. belive it or not i have been trying to concieve for two years now with no luck ... and through the last 7months i have been so much down .. i had no high expectations to concieve at all. but after the lap. (although it is a diagonisiitc procedure) my hopes are really high now ... it is weird but you feel you are totally cleaned up in there ! i wish you all te luck and do not worry it is about 10 minutes procedure and you will recover so fast . wish you all the best.



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