Any PCOSers here??
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Tinkerbell-Tink - August 13

Fellow cyster here :) Not that I am happy about it but I would love to talk with other women who have PCOS.


TracyR - August 13

Hi Tinkerbell-Tink! I am a fellow cyster as well and am definately not happy about it! How long have you been diagnosed? How long have you been TTC? I was diagnosed when I was 19 and put in BCP, which I was on until May/05. I always had very infrequent periods when I was young so the BCP helped with that. I have been TTC#1 for about 15months now. I am quite upset... I got my CD24 progesterone test results back on Friday (my first cycle of femara) and my result was 1.4. I did 3 cycles of Clomid as well and the numbers never got above 2.3 on my best month. The doctor had said that this was my last shot until I lose more weight (I've already lost almost 30lbs-but still need to lose more-I am very insulin resistant and am on Metformin 1500mgs). He said that injectibles would only cause me to produce too many follicles. Although he has never once ultrasounded me. I can't help but wonder if all I need is a trigger shot. Oh well... I guess I wait until CD40 and call his office again and see what my new plan of attack is. I am torn as to what to do... do I push for monitoring and maybe a trigger shot? Or do I take more time and continue with the weight loss efforts? I am 30 now and DH is almost 32. It is so disheartening... At this point I would give almost anything just to ovulate! I can't get pregnant without that key ingredient!!! Good luck to you Tinkerbell-Tink and I would love to share experiences with you.


jojo33 - August 13

hello tracy and tinkerbell
im in the same vote of all of you very insulane rsistance and pcos im on metformin 1500mg a day i have 13 year old but i havent taken no bc for 12years ive had misscarrages but trying to get pg for about 8 years was told theres nothing i could do for pcos went to a specialist i think he was a quak he put me on clomid it never helped me so i gave up untill recently when i found someone told me about metformin and this specialist been seeing her seems like metformin is regulating me and getting me back on track my doctor thinks i should get pg within 3 months she also told me i could take fertilAid with it to have a extra boost so i ordered that i hope on my way so whats all your stories we should all keep in contact well check back later


Parul - August 14

Hey Ladies! I was usually in the thread Clear Blue Fertility Monitor Part 2...however a lot has happened.. I am 34...have one child(2 years old now
) DH is 37...We have been TTC for almost 16 luck...thought had gall no more...lost 28 been told possibly have PCOS/PCOD...they are saying I may have had it all my life...first pregnancy a miracle......Symptoms that I have...irregular periods since age 11...body /face hair been through electroyisi and waxing since age of 16, infertility and been considered obese through medical field....had a yoyo weight loss/gain all my life....awaiting for my gyno referral by the doctor who did my ultrasound for own doctor was not willing to make a referral to a specialist or gyno until at 2 years of TTC!!


andrea21 - August 14

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19yrs I have since been ttc for about 2yrs now. I have been on 9 cycles of clomid(50-150mg) to which I ovulate multiple follicles-
3 of which were in combination with iui's and trigger shot- though I already ovulate on my own, I also have insulin resistance and was prescribed metformin but stoped because of the horrible s/e. Had an HSG done last november which showed that my left fallopian tube was blocked, - finally going to have a laparoscopy done on wednesday16 and then try 1-2 more iui's with clomid, though that psychic cheri said that I can conceive naturally in september after my surgery - don't know if she's for real or not but I am hoping for that Bfp in september
BABYDUST to al tcc...


andrea21 - August 14

Has anyone here done a laparoscopy?
my af is suppose to show 2-3days after my surgery, would the surgery mess up my cycle? I hope not - I am totally ready to get that positive pregnancy test


Lynn - August 14

Ladies, just a little background. i was diagnosed in 2000 with PCOS with no testing involved. After a year of TTC, my OB reluctantly referred me to a RE. i somehow got pregnant on my own while waiting for first appointment but miscarried after 6wks(2004). i did many cycles of clomid some with IUI and some luck. in August of 05 did 1 round of follistim injections + IUI and boom...pregnant. however 9 wks later end very eriously as an ectopic with emergency surgery. i lost my right tube during the precedure as the baby just grew too large to save. at post-op, my new RE asked me to loose 20lbs and to begin taking metformin. i did loose 25lbs and began the metformin. i took it for 7 months. during those times, i tried femera and 1 more round of injection all with no luck. after all the emotional, financial and physcial stress, i decided enough was enough and gave up. a month after giving up...i am happy to report i am 15wks pregnant. everything is going great adn i should have my first full-term baby at the end of January of 2007. why am i telling you all of this....i just do not want anyone to think it is impossible to get your BFP. i had bad s/e from the metformin but my RE got me through it and after gradually working my way up to 2000mg a was okay. the metformin was the only thing i continued when getting pregnant. i have a history of AF cycles of 60+ days prior to all the drugs i took while TTC. if you can tolerate the met...take it and track your cycles. i finally had 7 months of 28-day cycles when i got pregnant. just thought i'd share.


blf0521 - August 14

Hi i was diagnosed in may with PCOS. I am now seeing a fertility dr. I am on 1500mg Metformin, Clomid, Progesterone, MTHFR, and baby asprin. I just had my first normal cycle in the past year. The side affects were horrible too. You will get thru it.


onemore - August 15

HI ladies. I too am a cyster. Andrea, I have had 4 laporoscopies. You bleed for a few days after. I personally haven't bled too heavily, but I suppose everyone is different. Lynn, congrats on the pregnancy. I was diagnosed when I was 17 (i'm now 25) and by God's grace I had a baby in 2004. I was on birth control but somehow I got pregnant. I guess he was meant to be. Now we are trying for #2 but no luck yet. It's been about 8 months. I will begin clomid 50 mg as soon as af shows. For me, it shows an average of every 53 days. I was prescribed provera but we are just waiting... I hope we can all learn from eachother. I know that being overweight is a common side effect of PCOS. I have to ask, though, is there anyone here who is severly overweight? I am 5'5 and weigh 230. according to BMI charts, that's obese. But i was never told to lose weight by ny doctor as a means to help conception. Just Curious!!! :)


onemore - August 15

Andrea, sorry- to answer your question, yes your period is probably gonna be put off after the surgery. :(


jojo33 - August 16

just curious why baby asprin? im overweight too onemore i was stuck at one weight for along time thats due to insulane resistance and pcos but im losing rapidly being on metformin and it does hurt your fertility but come on you know how many people out there are bigger than i am or you and still get pg are you insulane resitante o might want to check with your doc about metformin it helps with pcos and insulane resistance plus it makes you more fertile too. well baby dust to all of you and good luck talk to ya later


TracyR - August 16

Hi Ladies... Onemore and Jojo... My BMI categorizes me as obese as well. I previously saw 2 OB/GYN's who refused to treat me since I was overweight. They both said lose weight and come back. One actually told me to 'starve myself' because 'that is the only thing that works and people who lose weight with Weight Watchers only successfully keep the weight off 10% of the time'! Can you imagine a health care professional saying that? I was crushed, bf (now my DH) was very supportive though and I never went back to him. The next one also refused treatment... At this time I was probably close to 300lbs (I am 5'10"). Well that only made me depressed and over the next 3-4 years I only gained more weight. My DH and I have been married almost 3 years and last October we saw a new doctor, an RE this time. He was fantastic for the first visit, sent me home with 2 months of BCP to regulate my cycle and then start clomid... well 3 months of Clomid did nothing (I still didn't get my period within 40 days). I went back to him once after having lost 20lbs... he was very supportive... then the next time I had only lost a couple more pounds and he said that he would prescribe Femara and if that didn't work, the only thing that I could do was lose more weight because 'women my size produce too many follicles on injectibles and I can't carry more than twins safely'! So I am on CD 30 with my first cycle of Femara and my CD 24 progesterone results show that I didn't ovulate AGAIN!!! But I feel that things with my body have changed this cycle... lots more CM for one... But I also suspect that I have more or larger cysts because I have pain more frequently and a different kind of pain than is 'normal' for me. So now I am torn as to what to do... I am working very hard at the weight loss efforts... I eat VERY healthily and rarely snack on junk food and I take my 1500mg of Metformin daily. I watch the other people who I work with eat junk all of the time, but I always sit back and eat my carrot sticks like a good girl and I still am the heaviest one by far! I also was raised on a farm, so I have never had what I would call a sedentary lifestyle... and yet the doctors just seem to categorize me as a lazy person who eats too much crap! I am frustrated because the RE has never once even mentioned ultrasounding me or possibly doing a trigger shot. And he is supposed to be the head of gynecology at my hospital!!! I am afraid that the clomid and femara have only made my cysts worse. I don't want to be pushy (I am extra sensitive to people spouting off what they learned on the internet because I work at a Vet clinic and we hear that ALL of the time) but I think that I have to ask about these things. I am just starting to get so disheartened, I see people who are bigger than me who have babies all of the time. Why not me? Sorry about the LONG post ladies... I just desperately needed to vent! Also I should mention that I live in Canada so I need a referral from our family doctor to see a different doctor and I have already seen 3. She'll soon quit referring me!


jojo33 - August 16

tracyr please dont give up i have the same weight problem im 6' was 323 lbs now im 300 my doctor mentioned my weight said if i get pg this heavy i would probly have gen diabetes and i should lose weight but the metformin is helping me because im on a low carb diet you would be amazed how much different it is are you on a low carb diet? she wants me to get under 300lbs before i get pg she seems very hopefull that i will how long have you been on metformin? clomid didnt help me either im going to try fertilAid with metformin to give me that extra boost its weird you are almost just like me and how i feel too. ive only been on metformin for about 5-6 weeks i take 1500mg a day. maybe you should call some docs offices and explain your situation and tell them your overweight and explain you dont want the doctor to put you down it took me a long time to find mine and she is so sweet. i hope everything works out for you keep in touch. oh if you see what clomid does campare to fertilaid its different might want to check it out. good luck sweetie talk to you soon


Parul - August 16

Hey Ladies!! New to this forum..I am 5'1 and weigh medical professions I am obese...lost 28.5 lbs previous to present weight. My referral went through...I will have my first gyno appt at the end of November. I found out that my middle sister is having twins....a blow to my ego, as that is what I have always dreamed about...she has one child who will be a year old in October...they planned the second pregnancy and it took her only two months.....I am at 16 mths...possibly having PCOS/PCOD all my life but not knowing it.....I am having the mind set...that my daughter is the only child I will have....I am very depressed...crying all time's very painful...I turn around and there's pregnant woman!!! In the (20 lbs more to go)


onemore - August 16

Hello Ladies. Hope you are all well today. Tracy- you want an OBGYN you are totally comfortable with to get thru this hard part of life, head of the department or not. INteresting that he gave you bcp's to start your period. my doc gave me provera. That seems to be what most women get that I've read about on these threads. Also. what was your clomid dose and which days did you take it? Okay Tracy, one more thing. Don't worry about being pushy. It's your life and your happiness. Keep us posted. Parul, I feel what you are saying about seeing pregnant women everywhere. It's depressing. congrats on your weight loss. Andrea- is today your lap? if so, good luck!!! Have a great day ladies!!!


Lynn - August 17

Girls....i am also considered obese to the medical profession. i also eat healthy (no junk in out house) but still continue to gain. after my ectopic pregnancy and surgery, my RE politely asked me to loose 20 pounds seeing i carry my weight in my abdomen and hips. he said those of us who carry weight there seem to experience more infertility issues. i did the weight watchers and lost 25 pounds in 2 months. i continued to take my metformin and after 7 month of 28 days cycles it happened. i am still "heavy" and my OB (who is following me now that i am out of danger) has asked me to limit my gain to no more than the 25 pounds i lost. after 15 wks, i have only put on 6 pounds. it does happen to us "Fluffier" girls. don't give up.


TracyR - August 17

Thanks for the support everyone! Lynn, congratulations! When are you due? Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl? Onemore... between cycles of Clomid and now Femara I have been taking provera to induce a period. Today I am having pain in both ovaries on and off but worse again... and my back was hurting some too. I am afraid that my cysts are worse now instead of better! I am supposed to wait until CD 40 to call my doctor's office, but I might call sooner since I know that I didn't ovulate. Also I have a dermoid cyst on my right ovary as well... lucky me, I have 2 kinds of cysts! ;o) Andrea 21... that psychic told me October to conceive or find out and she was leaning towards October 2006. And she said a boy. That would be great! But right now I am skeptical! I was also thinking about trying a herbal product, but I am 'iffy' on those as well.
Thanks again Ladies... Also... I have lost 25+lbs so far. I am doing the GI diet. It's pretty easy to follow.



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