Any PCOSer Doing IVF Cycle...
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linds99 - November 3

My question is has your doctor mentioned to you (if you are PCOS) whether your chances via IVF are diminished due to PCOS and lower egg quality? I found some information on a clinic's website today that has made me a bit unnerved. It indicated that PCOS women undergoing IVF is probably the most challenging due to the fact that the majority exhibit exaggerated responses to exogenous gonadotropins, frequently leading to an increased rate of cancellation of a cycle. Even those who proceed to oocyte retrieval, despite an increased number of oocytes retrieved, have poor fertilization rates, probably secondary to an increased rate of oocyte immaturity. To compound the problem further, even fertilized eggs in PCOSers may show lower cleavage rates that lead to decreased implantation and pregnancy rates. These are patients who exhibit a much higher incidence of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Any thoughts??



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