Any PCOS women with BFP after laparoscopy?
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andrea21 - July 4

Hi my name is Andrea, I am a married 21 yr old woman. Was diagnosed with PCOS,Insulin resistance and left blocked tube at 19 years of age and have been ttc since finding out. I have regular cycles and ovulate on my own. I have done 9 cycles of clomid 50-150mg , 3 in combo with IUI's to which I ovulate multiple eggs.
My doctor suggest laparoscopy to remove adhesions on my fallopian tube, so I am just waiting around for an appointment as of now.


andrea21 - July 4

Has anyone with PCOS gotten pregnant after doing laparoscopy to remove adhesions on tube? How long after surgery did you get a BFP , did it happen naturally or with iui/drugs?


Bubblesofjoy65 - July 4

I had a lap done in 2002 I got pregnant, Sadly it ended in a miscarriage at 13 weeks. With no meds



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