Any one TTC in March? Looking for cycle buddies..
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Hope - March 17

Hello, i am on cycle day 9. DH and I have been trying for a couple of months now but now seriously trying for last two months. My cycles are not regular..they are like 32,39,27 and last was 50 days! I am getting frustauted at times. I am using opks for last 2 cycles. It worked first cycle but not the second one:(. I am keeping my fingers crossed this month.Two days back i came to know that a friend is 9 weeks along. I am happy for her but feeling sad about us. Please let me know if anyone wants to be my cycle buddy.Hope we all get our BFP's soon.


kelley32 - March 17

Hi! I`m on CD 4 ... my husband and I have been TTC our second child for about 6 months now. I had a miscarriage in January, but thank God I was only 5 weeks, so it was not totally devastating. I guess you and your hubby should be starting to do some serious bd`ing, I still have a couple of days before we start. It`s sort of strange to be planning it all the time, but I just can`t have the casual attitude if it happens it happens. Have you tried charting, or just the opks?


NVgirl - March 17

Hi, just thought I'd jump in. I am way new to the “Problems getting pregnant?” thread so bare with me. My name is Michele, I live in Northern Nevada about 35 minutes from the California border. I am 33 years old and DH and I have been TTC since January since my miscarriage on Oct 31st at 9 weeks. I don’t have any child as of yet Welp, January & February have come and gone with no luck. so we TTC this week. I am officially in the 2WW stage. I am CD-13 and 1-dpo with a 25-26 day, very regular cycle . Thanks for letting me jump in!


kelley32 - March 18

Welcome NV Girl, it`s nice to meet someone else in the same boat ... we need as much comfort and friendship as we can get. My boss has a house in Las Vegas, but I haven`t been there yet (I`m from Canada). I hear it`s really nice there. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage, it must have been very difficult at 9 wks ... when I had mine, I only new that I was pregnant for 5 days, so I didn`t have that much time to get used to the fact that I was pregnant ... although I stupidly went out and bought maternity clothes, what a bad omen I created for myself. Lets stay in touch, OK?


wannabeamom - March 18

Hi Hope. I am on cd 10. I would like to be your cycle buddy. I could use one. I have been ttc for almost 4 years, but only 5 months witha Dr's help. My cycle is almost always 28 days. I don't always o so I have been taking Clomid. I finally o'd the 4th month on Clomid when they up'd it to 100mg. I also find it hard when a friend gets pregnant or anyone for that fact. I try not to show it though. Lots of babydust!


LeslieK - March 18

Hi! I am on CD 19 with only a high on my CBEFM, no egg yet. My DH and I have been TTC since Oct. This is a second marriage for me and I have a 12 year old daughter. I think this time around will be harder than back when I was in my early 20's. I'm doing both the monitor and charting, and trying to not take the romance out of the whole thing!
My DH is great though...we are both hopeful.


Katt - March 18

Hi Hope, I am on day 9 as well, should ovulate on or about the 22nd. TTC 2 years. Hubby having another count done next week. Last one was about 8 months ago. Looking out for good results;) BABY DUST!!!


Luv2getpreg - March 18

GM I am on cd 20 Dr had me on metformin for a few months then on clomid this is my 2nd round so I will see what happens this month. Baby Dust to all


NVgirl - March 18

Welp, today is CD14, 2-dpo. Last night before bed, DH said to me that my boobs seem bigger. I said like pregnancy boobs… he said maybe. AGH!! Can it happen that fast??? Then this morning I felt a little queasy with sore boobs. I really think my head is playing tricks on me this month. Biggest fear is huge pregnancy boobs. I am a little gal of 5’2” but have always had a BIG CHEST. Anyhow, I am a 36D possibly on the edge of a DD. SO I have had in between shoulder pain my whole life! One physician asked me if I was a swimmer… because my shoulder muscles are so large. Nope, those muscles just have to keep my large jugs a float – can’t you tell? J/K never said that – wanted to, though. I can’t imagine buying a DD, E, or F maternity bra… that just scares the bejibbers out of me, because what will that do to my back? I swear the things that I think of and I don’t even know if anything took this month! I am 11 days from testing with the HPT. What if this is the month? Should I go to my OBGYN right away or should I wait? That is my question I keep throwing around in my head. If I wait until 10 weeks that is past the 9 weeks when I miscarried. I have no idea. I need to wait the 11 days then go from there. I am jumping too far ahead in my life book. LOL! Hope all is well with everyone. I am off for a day filled of fun. See you tomorrow!


crystal - March 18

hello ladies,
i am on cycle day 8. i see my most fav. obgyn on monday. he delivered my older sister and 2 of her four kids. anyways, i'm hoping he will help us get pregnant. been ttc for one year now. both been checked out with hspg-tubes are clear, and he's been checked twice. dr. said his sprm look great. i run about 28 days in my cycle. so i should be at my most fertile days on the 24th. wish me luck. and send baby dust my way. thanks


babyloves2play - March 18

Hi, I would love to have a cycle buddy or buddies. I've been ttc#3 since Nov 2005. Had to enlist help from clomid. This was my second cycle on it @100mg days 5-9. Now on af.......all hpt's negative........just waiting for af so I can start next round of clomid 150 mg days 1-5. This is getting so depressing.....and I've only been trying for 4 months. Plan on doing BBT and OPK's in my upcoming cycle. Hoping for Christmas baby!!! ~*~*Babydust to ALL*~*~


kelley32 - March 19

Hi Ladies ... yeah, I also worry about the whole boob issue ... I went up a cup size during my first pregnancy, and they never went down, some people say it`s because I breastfed for so long - 14 months, but I`m not sure if thats the reason, but I do worry about the next pregnancy, what if I go up another cup size??!! Ah, I`ll worry about it when the time comes. La Ti Da ... only on CD 5, time is going by so slowly ... hubby and I bd`ed last night, I wanted to during the off part of my cycle, just to have sex for the sake of having it, not just to get pregnant, and guess what??? it was the best sex that we have had in while!! I guess when there is no pressure, it feels more natural. Hey, this is a nice little thread we have going here, don`t you think? Will check in again later ...


Andrea21 - March 19

Hi everyone, I'm on cd15. Has anyone in here tried ovulex and gotten pregnant?. I have been ttc for 21months now. Did HSG - found out my left fallopian tube is partially blocked,pcos, 7 failed clomid cycles, 3 failed IUI's, this cycle just ttc naturally and taking prenatal vit and ovulex.Really hope this is my month
Babydust to al ttc...


LeslieK - March 19

Hi everyone. NVgirl, I understand your boob thing completely. When I had my 12 y.o. daughter, I went to a size that I didn't even know existed! It was quite an eye opener. I am now a DDD, though with a good bra, its not too bad. They never did shrink down like I wanted to, but it is all worth it in the end for those darling babies. Have a great weekend.


hayley 1 - March 19

hello everyone , i have been trying to concive now just over 3 years i have pcos, it has been so hard for us both i have just had a op over a week a go it is to help me overlate every month so fingers crossed for all of us!


Katt - March 19

I am entering my fertile days now. egg white cm. will use test stick this evening to make sure, seems kind of early to be releasing an egg - no sharp sensations yet (I can usually feel the egg release). Good luck to all!


kelley32 - March 20

Hi All ... I bought Taking Charge of Your Fertility today, and haven`t been able to put it down, it even came with the software to do the whole charting thing ... wow, I have so much more hope now, the info in that book is really empowering. For the first time since realizing conceiving may not be as easy as the first time, I am looking forward to seeing my cycle play out, still really looking forward to that temp rise! I would recommend that book to anyone, it even teaches you how to avoid pregnancy, which is handy instead of using other methods that may not be so friendly to the body ... well, going to go read some more, I`ll check in again tomorrow morning. Good night and happy bd`ing!



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