any one ovulating want wait with me
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katie - September 16

i cant go through this my self alone !


mia - September 16

hi katie, i'm also ovulating at this time well supposed to be anyway.lets keep our fingers crossed.good luck.


katie - September 16

hi mia ; im glad you aare here cus this waitting is too much for me , yes finger crossed thats all we can do right now


mia - September 16

katie, how long have you been ttc?


rhonda - September 16

I am also supposed to ovulate during this time. I am a newbie who has been reading the posted information for a while now. I have actually only been ttc for 1month now.
Katie, what are you doing to predict when you ovulate... Can either of you tell me if you are using any alternative things to help the conception process...


mia - September 16

hi rhonda,i am going by my cervical mucas and ovulation calculator only at the moment.


Sara - September 16

Hi Katie, I'm suppose to ovulate during those days too. This is my 2nd month using the ovulation test strips and I did get my LH surge last month but didn;t get pregnant. :(


katie - September 16

HI Rhonda and welcome ,this is my first month T, i do my BBT and CM and hoping that is enough , want baby so badly , im 27 and 7 years married so i cant wait anymore !!!!


katie - September 16

mia; is first month what about you ?


katie - September 16

hey sara good we have one more now guess make it easier knowing that we r not alone, wat is LH ?and did strip test help? i dont use them i guess im gone start being worry after 7 or 8 month trying for a moment i just look at my bbt and cm!


Faye - September 16

Hi i will be ovulating at this time also. This is my third month ttc. If i get pregnant this will be my fourth child but the difference is it will be first child with my second husband and he had a vasectomy reversal 3 months ago !! Good luck to all of us!!


Matilda - September 16

Hello everyone,
I'm ovalution on sept 27th..My husband and I have been trying since May. No luck because for the past 2 months we didn't use the Ovulation Caldendar. I just started to use the Ovulation Calendar since last month. I was losing hope and cried several times. Let's support each other. I hope good things will happen to us.

Babydust to you all.


Alyssa - September 16

Hey everyone, I acctually just ovulated a couple of days ago. But I would love to join! THis is our 2nd month ttc #1. I did get PG first month, but miscarried. I've never tried OKP's before I have always just watched my body carefully, especially CM. SImply because some months it's not always the same and I don't want to miss it! I'm pretty sure we got it, but now my body has to do what it's got to do. I'm praying! GOOD LUCK YOU EVERYONE!


katie - September 16

hi faye good to have you here , so you are already mama thats nice i alwasy wanted 9 but i guess willl be happe if i can make even 1 ! good luck to you


katie - September 16

matilda; hi , is ok i didnt know anything until last month , hope this month is your lucky month !


katie - September 16

alyssa; hi and tanks for joinin the group , guess you gone be fisrt one with BFP ! good luck .....


neha - September 17

I m ovulating at this time too. We have planned a trip of 2 days at this time so that we can be tension free & enjoy bd :) I have been trying since july with no success yet. All the best to all of u & keep posted.



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