any one had tubal reversal and hsg
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baby4me00 - October 27

and has gotten pregnant after Hsg? had 1st hsg both tubes blocked had repeat hsg 4months later test showed one tube blocked one spilled but tubes was not very visable ?????? does any body have any good news of pregnancies occuring after results like these?? I figure it was very visable becuase after the reversal it was shorter .......please help!!!!!!


tonyaandjoe - October 29

i had a tubal reversal in july 06. i took one round of clomid no success. we are starting something on wed. and if i am not pg. in 4 months then we will do the dye test to see if my tubes were blocked.


baby4me00 - October 31

I wish you luck my first hsg showed both tubes blocked my 2nd showed my shorter one opened if I'm not preggo this month My doctor has given me a script for good luck to the both of us ...


Boo b do - November 1

Hi, I had a tubal reversal in Aug 06, was prescribed 50mg of clomid from days 2-6 for three months (started in July). This was increased to 100mg per cycle (now on second lot). My P4 level has increased to 42.5 now, my consultant wanted me to be at least 35 to be able to ovulate. So that has to be good news. I'm not sure if anything else would prevent me in getting pg? I have eggs, although originally I was told these were not fertile eggs?? Need to speak to my consultant on the 5th Dec to find out where we are? Will get back to you if anything happens in the meantime. Good luck to you all.


baby4me00 - November 1

tonyaand joe******good luck today ......let me know how things are coming ....
Boo b do.....I hope you have sucess on the clomid ...keep me posted ...I am currently in my 2ww I hope I am preggo and dont have to go on to the meds....I have been praying hard so only time will tell I hate the wait drives me nuts.....Best wishes ...


tonyaandjoe - November 2

i went to the dr. today he done another us and said everything looks good.i have to go back next wed. to see what my progesterone level is and whether or not to take my 2 round of clomid and this time i will be taking 100 mg.


Boo b do - November 2

hi to you both, I hope you are having a good day. My consultant told me after I had the op that my tubes were clear and we should try as soon as possible to conceve as the tubes may close up again by themselves, is this what you were told? Were you told how long you have until this is likely to happen? Also is it normal practice for you to get an us on clomid, as they do not do that in the uk as far a I know, well my consultant isn't offering it? I hope we all get our BFP's this month!! Baby dust to you both.


baby4me00 - November 2

tonyaandjoe..... well that is good to hear maybe you wont need it do you have any side effect from it?
Boo b do.. I was told that if they were going to close that it would be during the healing process and if they made it past that then you were pretty much safe which is what one of mine did the longer one healed and closed again but the shorter remained opened so if both are open I wouldnt worry about them closing espacially if its been over 8 weeks but if you are concerned about them closing you can go periodically and get hsg done to make sure like ever 6mths but I wouldnt worry to much about it ... the us is just to see how may follicle I think ... maybe Tonya knows ....


Boo b do - November 2

Hi Baby4, thank you for lettng me know. My consultant did a dye test whilst I was out on the op table during my tubal reversal back in Aug, he told me the next morning that my tubes were clear at that point. I will bring this up next time I speak to him. By that time I should have a long list of questions, which will need answering. ;-) Trouble is he charges by the hour!! I am now back under the NHS for my fertlity problems, so it might be worth having this one last meeting with him, then taking the info I gain through that meeting, to the NHS. Was it easy to get a scan whilst on clomid on the NHS? Good luck to All xx


baby4me00 - November 3

yes they should do it while you are on the clomid to see how it prgress that the only way to know if your dose needs to be increase or decrease and if its working Good luck to you



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