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rachy - June 17

i am due on my next period on the 7th july and i am ovulating on sunday anybody want to test together and chat. taken another ov test today and nothing xXx


Alissa - June 17

hey girly" to sad for me I had AF arrive on Wensday :( but good luck to u! my cycles are very long I have anywhere from 35 to 41 days of a cycle so I have to test around July 5th -19th..


MelissaS - June 17

Hey Rachy (and Alissa). I am waiting for af on the 11th my cycles are 32 days, but I should be o'ing next week. If you would like my e-mail is [email protected]


Drew - June 17

Hey, I'm waiting for about that time....I'm not sure exactly when af might arrive since my cycles are so screwed up, but if all goes according to schedule I should o Sunday too! Lotsa luck to us!!!


Amy - June 17

Hi girls! I am due for next period on July 4th. I did clomid days 2-6 of my cycle. I go for an u/s today to check how many eggs I produced! I am glad we can all wait together! I will keep you posted!


Drew - June 18

Hey Amy, how'd the ultrasound go? Hope all went well!!


MelissaS - June 20

Good Morning Girls!


rach - June 20

good morning i am not sure if i am ovulating at all all wekk i have done ovulation tests and nothing i have had some clear discharge but not the jelly like stuff yet i was supposed to be ovulating on sunday and i am not today either?, whats going on my cycle is 25 days i started my period on the 8th june it lasted 3 days then went and no i havnt done a test yet lol i am just thinking i could be pregnant with such a short period.theres a vbery faint line on the ovulation stick in the test zone but its been like that all week any help i am really stuck and i havnt a clue what to do.


MelissaS - June 20

Hey Rach. You could be having an anovulation cycle or stress could be proglonging your ovulation. Remember to keep it easy and just wait for egg whites. That is a clear sign. :-) I wouldn't do a hpt either for at least another 2 weeks.


rach - June 20

im going out my mind its killing me are them ovulation calculators reliable as i have used quite a few and they all said the same thing


MelissaS - June 20

I know some work for some women. I don't know how accurate they are for all women though.



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