Any one familiar with vitex?
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Megan - December 29

I've been on it since the beginning of Dec. and I've just started spotting the last few days (I have a short cycle and this is around the time AF usually arrives). I've also noticed that my stomach area feels heavy and tight. Anyone else have these symptoms/side effects? I dont' think we hit the time when I ovulated so I don't think I could be pregnant but. . . . maybe?


BernieB - January 4

Hi Megan, I started vitex mid-November. I'm aking it for severe PMS and read that it may increase progesterone levels after ovulation. After having a miscarriage in September and being 37, I felt it was worth trying vitex, as I can't find anything harmful about it written up anywhere. I've been TTC for two years, so I am willing to try anything!
I felt sick after taking vitex the first couple of days. Now I feel GREAT, but have wondered what happens when we get pregnant, as we are supposed to stop using it but I am fearful of stopping if it decreases my progesterone levels. I read a site today that actually ADVISED to take a small amount, if you spot during early pregnancy or fear you are having a miscarriage. I was due to start AF yesterday. I will wait until tomorrow to test, but I think it's possible that the vitex will lengthen my cycle. Last month my cylce was it's normal length of 28 days....but I had only used the vitex for two weeks, so maybe it hadn't done anything as yet? I did find my stomach felt sore the first few weeks taking vitex, now I think it has 'settled' in and I don't have any side affects at all. Lets hope we are pg very soon - good luck, have you tested???


Megan - January 4

Hi BernieB! I tested and I got a BFN. I've read on a few different sites that some people take 2 pills (500 mg each) daily for the first 2 months and then take 1 pill daily on the 3rd month. So I'm trying that now. The first month didn't do anything for me. It just made me spot a few days before AF arrived. I'm now taking B6, a prenatal, and drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea daily.
Let's hope that my cycle is a little bit longer this month since I have 24 day cycles which stink! Feels like AF is here all the time!!!


Elena - January 19

hi i took fertilaid and got pregnant. it works i was only it for 26 days!!



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