any one else taking provea and clomid
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brellen - April 28

hi i have just fininshed my 7 tables of provera now waiting for a period so i can take the clomid only been three day but still nothing just wondering if any one else had to take provera and how long it took,


LB - April 28

Hi brellen, i took provera last month and took it for 7 days and only got a period 11 days after the last tablet, so it will happen. I also started 50mg of clomid but i didn't ovulate on it, so now i am on provera again 2nd pill and going to start 100mg of clomid once Af starts. i also have pcos so it is necessary for me to take the provera and clomid in order to ovulate. Goodluck hang in there, your af will start.


brellen - April 28

thanks Lb my doc told me if it didnt come with in a week to go back and see him but now i think i will wait a bit longer.


ROBYN - April 28

I took provera it takes longer than prometrium . It took me almost 3 or 4 days after i stopped taking my dosage to get my dosage. good luck.


BabyDreams26 - April 28

I was on Prometrium for 10 days at 200mg and then Clomid 100mg cd5-9. I always got af within a day of my last pill. I think I possibly got a BFP today when I tested!!!!! I am going to retest in the morning but I am soooo excited!!



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