any one else playing the waiting game?
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depressed - September 16

I have been trying for 8 mo. periods never regular. 2 days late now but this always happens, i run out and get a test and then i am crushed when its negative. now i am scared to take one and dying to know at the same time


depressed - September 16

well i broke down and took the test and guess what... negative, of course. back to square one. I guess it's just not going to happen. I give up I'm tired of crying


Justine - September 16

don't give up hope yet. getting a bfn is heart-wrenching and frustrating but that bfp could be just around the corner. i've been ttc for 7 months now and i completely understand how you feel. are you having any symptoms, does it feel like af is coming?


depressed - September 16

I really thought this time was it. I have had no signs that my period is on its way, which i usually have very tender breasts and cramping but nothing. I really am getting scared that I may not be able to concieve. Husband is getting very frustrated, don't know what to do.


Justine - September 16

it is a good sign that you've had no symptoms of af yet as you like me seem to normally have plenty of signs that it's approaching. many women do get bfn first time they test and then when they re-test get a bfp. i don't want to get your hopes up too high but you may still be in with a chance this month. have you been using any methods to help you conceive like opks, etc.?


depressed - September 16

no we have only been trying naturally, i think i'm making it too stressful for myself. every month i say thats it i am not going to focus on it this month and then a few days before my period i start getting antsy and then i start hoping and then...devastation


Justine - September 16

Perhaps if af does come this month you could look into using something that could pin-point ovulation and hopefully increase your chances of getting pg. i know this doesn't help you now but soon you will be on a whole new cycle and it really does give you a sense of relief and control to know when you're ovulating.


Faye - September 16

How long is your cycle normally? How often are you bding?Did you use birth control ? What type and how long for? Remember stress can be a big factor in not getting pg!! Heres how i managed after long time trying - I had to cut out all alcohol (and dh had to!!) and of course smoking. I worked out my day 14 then took 4 days before and 4 days after then made sure i did the bd at least every other day during that period and after bd i propped my hips up on hands and did cycling motions with legs in air.Yeah looks a bit silly but who cares when trying to get pg!! Most importantly try to relax .


depressed - September 17

my cycles are usually between 27-29 days long and i ahvent been on any birth control other than condoms for 7 years before that i was on depo for a year. still havent gotten period but dont want to get my hopes up again. have resigned to trying again this month. we are bding pretty much every day and i wonder if we are depleting his supply and not giving him much of a chance to stock up.


at - September 18

I dont know if this story will reassure any, but I had to share. I was talking to my aunt this weekend and she shared some interesting info with me. She had tried to get pregnant for years and even tried clomid. They could not explain why she was not getting pregnant. She tried for 14 years! She was angry and bitter. Well I have two cousins that are 19 and 21 by them now. She said when she stopped even trying and just believed it would never happen and didn't dwell she got pregnant!


at - September 18

I guess I should add to that last post. Im not saying all should try for 14 years. Can you imagine how frustrating that would be? I think using OPK's and charting your cycles would be of use. I also think making sure your body is healthy and doing a pre-conception appointment with your doctore might not hurt either.
Good luck.


d - September 18

thank you all for sharing. i got period this morning...figured i would. i'm just going to forget it for now. i have been driving myself crazy, so i will just think about the things i will still be able to do this winter and spring that i wouldn't be able to if i was pregnant. if it happens so be it. If not then i guess there is a reason.


Justine - September 18

d - sorry af came but you sound like you have a v. positive attitude and that will probably help you to get pg soon. just try and relax now (i know that's easier said than done) and then hopefully get ready for a successful cycle this month. good luck.



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