Any one else out there diagnosed with hydrosalpinx?
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andalvy - July 7

I was recently diagnosed with a hydrosalpinx (Fluid filled dilated tube) on the right side and a blocked tube. I was wondering if anyone else was dealing iwth the same problems?


CC - July 11

Andrea, we are looking for you @ POSITIVE VIBES..Please come find us, we are wondering how you are doing.


central - July 13

I am so sorry to hear that. What options are u considering for that. I know u may have to get ur tubes burnt and ur best option is IVF. If u become pregnant after a lap with that diagnosed, the fluid is toxic and it can poision the fetus. u have to make sure the fluild dont leak on the fetus, i suggest u have the tubes tied or burnt to prevent the leakage b4 considering IVF. Did u have the fluid remove


andalvy - July 20

The DR hasnt decided what to do yet.


andalvy - July 26



central - July 29

andalvy whats been going on? did the Dr decide what to do yet. Good luck and I wish you the best. Keep everything in God's hands he will do the miracle the Dr can never do.


andalvy - August 5

Apparently this is rarer than I thought.


hopeand pray - August 5

Hi Andalvy,

I was diagnosed with a hydrosalpinx in my right tube last month. The left tube looked open so my doctor suggested that we continue trying for 3-6 months, and then try 3 cycles of Clomid before doing anything invasive. I don't know about you, but I'm a little scared after reading so many negative things about having a hydrosalpinx. Has your doctor gievn you any hope? My doctor told me that she has had patients conceive naturally with one hydro in place, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


andalvy - August 7

Hi hopeand pray. I was starting to think I was alone! My left tube is a massive hydrosalpinx and the right is a small one. My drs say my only hope is to do IVF. Im glad to hear that you have one open tube. From my research that gives a fairly good chance of getting pg. Only a little less that normal.


hopeand pray - August 7

Hi Andalvy,

I'm sorry to hear that but don't worry , you're not the only one going through this. I've found alot of good support on and (alot of hydrosalpinx women on those sites). Good luck with whatever treatment you and your doctor decide to use!


Tinkerbell-Tink - August 17

Yes, I was diagnosed with this when I was trying to conceive. We did three IVF cycles and then stopped the fertility treatments.
Keep your chin up!!!


hopeand pray - August 17

Hi Tinkerbell-tink,

May I ask, are one or both tubes hydros? Did you have them removed?



melissam - August 17

hey andalvy...i was diagnosed with bi lateral hydro...had a tubes are ok my Dr. said....he has seen worse...I asked about IVF..he wanted me to try to conceive naturally for about 6 months, tried iui it was a no go . So I think I am gonna do iVF next month before my hydros come back, since they have a large chance of returning after surgery. good luck


andalvy - August 29

melissam-did the dr open your tubes through surgery? My dr says that there is little hope for either of mine.


andalvy - September 12

anyone else out there?


andalvy - September 19

I am seeing a new dr on Friday. I dont know what he will want to do.


Mrs. O - September 28

Hi andalvy,

I was diagnosed with hydro in my left tube. According to my tubal cannulization my right tube is fine. My re wanted to do a lap on me to either fix the left tube or remove it, but I opted to try clomid for a couple of months first. I started prometrium yesterday to bring on my period, I've been charting for 10 months, 28 day cycles ovulation on day 15. I did not ovulate in August or Sept and this is the first time i've had a cycle this long. I had a myomectomy in Feb to remove fibroids in Feb, i've had 2 HSG's and a tubal cannulization since June. I'd just rather not have another surgery right now, so we're going to try the Clomid along with estrogen and prochieve at different points during my cycle and see if that works.



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