Any OHIO Girls trying out there?
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nikki2204 - August 17

Good Morning Girls! How is everyone today? Mommy--Zayra is gone!!! YAY!!!! I was so relieved! BabyRN, how are you feeling? Hopefully the sickness is gone for good now. Jsmith, did you get your pills??? I still have not started and am no longer getting any symptoms of anythign anymore (no more cramps). Ugh, so frustrating. I guess if nothing by the end of the month I will call the doc for an appt. Mega- how are you?


Mega - August 17

Okay, for the 2nd time in a row on this thread I just lost the big old post I'd just finished typing. This time I even pressed submit & it gave me an error page. Grrr! Anyway, good morning ladies! Nikki--I think that's a good plan, though hopefully AF will come on her own in the next week or so & you won't have to have dr intervention. AF often has her own schedule! I'm waiting for AF now too, my dr requires a bleed before you can start the stims for an IVF cycle. The so called diluted Lupron bleed (sorry Nikki!). I've heard mixed things about it though, some people say it's heavy & heinous others say it's light & spotty, blink & you've missed it. We'll see what I get. I feel like it's on its way. Then afterwards I'll suggest she pay you & JSmith a visit. JSmith--How was work yesterday? Better than you were expecting I hope. You work on Wed & Thurs, right? Mommy--How was your night? I'm sure like Nikki, you caught the results show for Rockstar! :) I agree with your logic about wanting to know what you're going to do first before letting the office know you're in fertility treatments. Makes sense. There are a lot in my dept. that don't know, & I'd prefer to keep it that way. Though I don't think it's a big secret that I have baby fever though. LOL! Yeah, since your DH is his boss' only employee that would complicate things a tad, but if there are contractors that could fill in for him sounds like an easy fix to me. Hopefully if your DH tells his boss the guy will be more understanding. You'll kick the boss' butt, too funny! You go girl, do what you've gotta do. :)


mommywannabe - August 17

Ladies, this thread takes way to long to pull up and I am taking a cue from Mega on her IVF thread and making a part 2. Hope to see you all there!!



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