Any OHIO Girls trying out there?
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Mega - June 8

Welcome MonieMarie! Good luck with your first Clomid cycle. I have PCOS too, and have been taking Metformin for almost a year now. Still ttc #1. I took Clomid for about 6 or 7 cycles, & for the most part I did O on it so that's good. My dr had me take it CD 3-7, though drs vary greatly on the days they prescribe it for, CD 1 to 5 is getting more popular, CD 5 to 9 is another one I've heard too. Usually you O about 5 to 7 days after taking the last pill. You might want to consider using PreSeed when you BD b/c it can dry up your fertile CM. Good luck! I hope this helps you.


MonieMarie - June 9

Thanks so much


ColleenD - June 10

Mega- I would do something like that! (The DH thing.) Nikki- I know , I wish this problem did not exist!! It is late, Take care of yourselves ladies!


ColleenD - June 12

Hi ladies! I hope you are all doing well. Monica- Good luck starting clomid. Your dr. will give you all the important info. Anything else you can come back and ask us. Especially Mega! She is wonderful about answering questions. Nikki- How are you?


nikki2204 - June 12

Hi Colleen, I am doing ok, how about you? Just got back from the GI doctor about the Reflux problem I have. He says hormones can definatly cause reflux so we are waiting until I am done with my Lupron to do any further testing. I just can't wait for this all to be over....I have new crazy symptoms everyday. How are things going for you?


ColleenD - June 12

Nikki- I am doing okay. No real side efeects right now except tired and dull back pains. What are all of your crazy symptoms? Ohh! Reflux. I am so sorry. Won't that get worse when you're pregnant? My DH and brother both have that. They take Nexium. How much Lupron do you have left now? Tell me some more about that. When can you start trying again. I hate waiting. I had to wait 3 months while my thyroid came under control. I'm so sorry you have to wait. I hope your feeling okay. Take care and keep in touch.


nikki2204 - June 12

Colleen, I have 2 more shots of lupron to do (6 months total). Yes, I HATE waiting....just want to get back to normal and start trying again. Ever since I started taking the Lupron, I have all kinds of aches and pains...chest pains, arm pains, muscle weakness, nausea, headaches.....just name it, I've probably had it. I tend to freak out about them all and think I have something horribly wrong with me--hypochondriac!! The reflux is what they think is the chest pains, I am now on Nexium too. It has helped but I still get the pains here and there and it still freaks me out and I think I am having a heart attack or something! I am trying to just ignore everything since I have had every blood test known to man, a complete physical and EKG's done and all were normal. Hopefully after the Lupron is over, my symptoms will diminish. One of the other forums on this site is for endo and lupron and there is someone named jla who has been helpful to me, telling me her symptoms went away after 2 months from her last shot. So, that is encouraging! So, I don't have the background on you....are you pg yet or still ttc? Where are you in the process??


ColleenD - June 12

Hi Nikki! So you take the Lupron a month a part? I am sorry you have had such a hard time with it. The side effects sound aweful. I hope they end soon. Hopefully at the end it will all be more than worth it. We had to take my DH to the emergency room in the middle of the night because of his reflux. He felt like he was having a heart attack. He feels fine now with the Nexium. Here is the rundown on me- I am 35 - TTC about 3yrs. - My DH feels that we will have a baby if God wants us to, so he doesn't want any help or testing - This is my 1st month on clomid - CD 19 - DPO 3


mommywannabe - June 12

I am from the Ashville area. I have been TTC for 18 months and nothing. Doing clomid 200mg which makes me O but still not preggo. UGH!! DH goes for SA next week and I have my HCG tomorrow so can't wait for that. HELLO OHIO GALS!!


ColleenD - June 12

WoooHoo! Welcome mommywannabe. Good luck w/ tomorrow's hcg. Get to BDing. Wow, 200mg seems like a lot. Hope it works! Do they know for sure that you are Oing?


babyluv - June 13

Hello all you Ohio gals! Just checking in from Pataskala to wish you all the best! Baby dust to you all!!!


nikki2204 - June 13

Welcome mommywannabe and babyluv! Babyluv, pataskala is 10 minutes from me!! I am from Blacklick. Colleen...yes, the lupron is a month apart. The reflux can really get painful. The thing that worries me about it is that it is chest pain, not burning like heartburn. Is that what your husband has? I always thought reflux was a burning pain...mine doesn't burn which makes me think it's something else.
I was on clomid for 5 months, hopefully it works for you! Have you had all of the other testing done? SA for DH, hsg for you?


ColleenD - June 13

Nikki- No other testing. DH says if we are supposed to have a baby it will just happen. Yes, DH's reflux does feel like he is having chest pains. He thought he was going to die.


nikki2204 - June 13

so, how frustrated are you with dh right about now?? Do you think he will change his mind? I know mine was against everything at first too but eventually came around. Now we are back at square 1. Only other option if it doesn't happen naturally is IVF and we are both leary about that. It's just so frustrating isn't it? Has your doctor recommended anything besides the clomid?


Mega - June 13

Good morning. Yay, more OH ladies have joined the board. Welcome mommywannabe & babyluv! Wow, a ton of Columbus area TTC'ers. Mommy--good luck with your HCG shot tonight. Are you doing an IUI or just triggering before you BD? Good luck. And I hope your DH's SA comes back with good results. Babyluv--Thanks! Babydust to you too! Nikki--sorry about the reflux. Interesting though that your dr said it can be caused/made worse by hormonal levels. I've been getting heartburn/acid reflux myself on & off for quite a while. I was thinking of getting it checked out but maybe if it's caused by hormones? Mine is more of a burning pain. Yours sounds very scary though, but at least you've had EKGs which came back normal. I guess the pain type can vary case by case. Colleen--Hi! How's your 2 WW going? You're almost at the 1/2 way point now, right? I've got my fingers' crossed for you. I'm only 9 DPO right now & I already think AF is coming. I started spotting, a lot, just like what happens pre-AF every cycle. It's pretty early though so I guess maybe my progesterone levels are kind of low. Anyway it feels like full flow will be here soon so I guess I'm out this cycle. Then DH & I are taking 1 or 2 cycles off before doing IVF-ICSI probably in August. Nikki, hopefully natural will work for you & your DH.


ColleenD - June 13

Goodmorning Mega!!! We missed hearing from you. You have spotting before AF too? Are you sure it isn't implantation since it is early? Since I went off BC, I have spotted before AF. Everytime I see it I get upset, because I know it means another month of failure. I'm 5 days behind you- 4dpo. Nikki- SOOOO Frustrated!!! Sometimes people need help. It doesn't mean that you're not meant to have children. Oh well! Take care all!!!



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