Any OHIO Girls trying out there?
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ColleenD - June 5

Hi! Looking for a ring of girls in my state for support.


Mega - June 5

Hi Colleen. Where in OH do you live? I'm in Cincy. Where are you in this crazy process? I'm 31, been trying almost 2 yrs. I have PCOS, my DH has very low morphology. I'm in the 2 WW from an IUI. I'm TTC #1.


ColleenD - June 5

Hey Mega, I'm in Chillicothe about an hour & a half away. I'm 35 and on my first round of clomid. TTC#1 for a little over 2 years. I go in tomorrow for my 1st sono / CD 13. My DH wants everything to happen naturally, and doesn't want to be tested. How far into you 2ww are you? How do you feel? Is this your 1st IUI? Good Luck!!!!


Mega - June 5

Chillicothe. Pretty drive up through Rte. 35 to get there. Good luck tomorrow with the u/s, I hope the dr finds some nice, ripe follies. Keep me posted on how it goes tomorrow. Thanks! I'm very early in the 2 WW right now, I had the IUI on Saturday. So a little early for signs. I had 3 to 5 follies though, so I'm happy about that response. This was like my 6th IUI, I think. I started out with Clomid, then recently switched to injectibles, this is my 2nd cycle on injectibles (Repronex). If this one ends with a BFN we're switching to IVF-ICSI by the end of the summer. I hope Clomid does the trick for you. I've read several first time success stories, I hope you're another one.


ColleenD - June 5

Yeah, it is pretty. We have lots of trees, out in the country. I bet it is great living in Cincy! So much to do!!! And the Bengals are finally doing great. I hate the 2ww, but it sounds promising for you. I hope this is the month and you don't need to go any farther. Is there anything I should know for tomorrow? What happened at your 1st clomid appt.? Good luck!!


Mega - June 6

Good morning. Good luck today on your u/s appt. It's quick, pretty painless, though it can get a little crampy at times. It's really cool watching the follies on the screen. Yes, Cincy does have a lot to offer, though I don't think we take enough advantage of it. I can hardly drag DH out on the weekends. I'll have to change that. Do you get down here much? Yes, your area is very hilly & pretty. DH's grandma had a farm down in Oak Hill (by Jackson), beautiful area. His grandma died last year but the farm is still in the family. I hear you on the 2 WW, it seems like all us TTC'ers do is wait, wait, wait. But I guess we're lucky these days that HPTs can pick up pregnancies so early these days. Well, good luck today. I've got a mtg. to go into now. Talk to ya later. Keep me posted.


ColleenD - June 6

Mega-I don't get down there very often. Mainly to see a game or go to Kings Island. I usually go to Columbus, when I want to go to a bigger city. It is a little closer and I'm more familiar with it. About the tests- I like that the early ones make the wait a little easier, but the chemical pregnancy thing makes me sad just thinking about it. How are you feeling?


Mega - June 7

Good morning. Yes, that's a good point about the Chem. pregnancies. A definite drawback on knowing so early. I'm doing good. No real signs now or anything, just sore bbs., but that's b/c of the trigger shot. Be forewarned about that. The trigger will make your bbs or nipples very tender & it can get confusing at times too. Yes, Columbus is a cool city too. I don't get up there much though. I've always liked that one mall in downtown, City Center. Is it still there? The new outdoor mall is really cool too. The outdoor center. I can't remember its name.


nikki2204 - June 7

Hi all! I am from Blacklick (suburb of Columbus) I have been trying for 3 years now, had one miscarriage a year and a half ago. Was on clomid for 5 cycles, then had to have a laparotomy in January to remove 2 large cysts on my ovaries. During surgery, the discovered stage 4 endometriosis and I am now taking lupron shots to clear the rest up off my ovaries. Hoping it works and that I can conceive on my own. I wish you all luck on your journey.... City Center is still there, barely, no stores left inside really. Outdor mall, are you talking about Easton? I worl 5 minutes from there and live about 15 minutes away.


Mega - June 7

Welcome Nikki. Yes, Easton is what I was thinking about. I've only been there once, a couple of years ago so I blanked on the name. How much longer do you have to be on the Lupron? Good luck. I hope it does the trick for you.


nikki2204 - June 7

Hi Mega,
I have 2 more shots to go on the Lupron, I have thinking about not finishing because of the side effects but I've talked with some wonderful people on here that have convinced me to stick with it. I really enjoy having people to talk to who are going through the same things. its just so hard to believe so many women go through so much to have a child and want one soooo bad and then there are horrible women who have them and don't want them. you know?


Mega - June 7

I've heard lupron s/e are especially nasty. That's good that you're almost finished with the Lupron though. But I'm sure 2 mos. doesn't sound quick to you right now. Hang in there. Yes, this board is great for "meeting" other people with similar bumps in the road to parenthood. I'm addicated to this board actually. :) I know, it gets dishartening to hear about all those people who sneeze and wind up PG. Or complain in the supermarket line about their bratty kids & all you can think about is the fact that your 6th IUI just ended with a BFN. But then, when we're holding our darlings in our arms I think we'll all but forget the work involved in getting them there. My mom tried for 10 years before she had me. It's funny but with that background I still didn't think I'd have issues TTC. Oh well.


ColleenD - June 8

Hey Nikki- Welcome! I'm so sorry you've had to go through all of that. I hope the problems work themselves out and the shots you are going through are worth it. I agree with you guys about people who are upset about having children or being preg. It is so disheartening. Blessings!!


nikki2204 - June 8

Hi Colleen and Mega!
Yes Mega, I am becoming quite addicted to these boards as well! But, you know, it really does help to talk about it, especially with people who truely understand. Thanks for the warm welcome Colleen, it's so funny that you are only a 1/2 hour away from me. Isn't it crazy how many people are going through all of this? You just don't realize how big of a problem it is.


Mega - June 8

As further proof of my board addiction, I was chatting with a coworker today & found myself referring to my hubby as DH in conversation. :) She looked at me kind of funny so I explained that was online speak for darling hubby (or is it darn hubby)? Well, everyone have a great weekend. I'm leaving for Pittsburgh tomorrow afternoon so I don't know if I'll be online or not.


MonieMarie - June 8

Hi my name is Monica, I live in Utica, OH. Very very small farming community 20 minutes North of Newark---40 minutes East of Columbus. Anyways I am 20, ttc#1...I have PCOS and I am currently on Metformin. On June 13th I go back to the doctor to start Clomid...I have no info on Clomid and how you take in correspondance with your cycle. Any support/info would be great!! Good Luck ladies!!


Mega - June 8

Welcome MonieMarie! Good luck with your first Clomid cycle. I have PCOS too, and have been taking Metformin for almost a year now. Still ttc #1. I took Clomid for about 6 or 7 cycles, & for the most part I did O on it so that's good. My dr had me take it CD 3-7, though drs vary greatly on the days they prescribe it for, CD 1 to 5 is getting more popular, CD 5 to 9 is another one I've heard too. Usually you O about 5 to 7 days after taking the last pill. You might want to consider using PreSeed when you BD b/c it can dry up your fertile CM. Good luck! I hope this helps you.



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