any new fertility drugs out there??????
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lori_tn - January 21

hi im 24 years old been trying to concieve since i was 17 my husband is much older. we tried fertility treatments for 4 years till the money ran out as our medical insurance doesnt cover anything relating to fertiltiy. we recently got pregnant out of the blue and miscarried on christmas didnt know we were prenant cause it was 13 months since my last period. i have pcos and took every drug imaginable but nothing all was left was ivf and we couldnt afford it. now we are going back to the doctor on 2/8 and i was wondering if u ladies know of any new medications i could ask my doctor to try to speed concieving. any advice would be appreciated. baby dust to all


eb - January 21

Try asking about femera if you've never taken it. It works for alot of women that have pcos... Good luck.



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