Any Kansas Girls out there????
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andalvy - September 12

Hi. I am ttc here in KS and wondered if anybody else is in KS?


Kristi1 - September 12

Hi! I am in KS - Wichita.... Where are you at? Are you new to this forum? I have been on here for 1 year in Oct...still tcc... ;-)


andalvy - September 13

Hi Kristi I am in Topeka. I found this site about 6 months ago. I have been ttc for about 8 months but have been kinda trying for 10 yrs. I recently found out that my tubes are damaged and IVF may be my best shot, but seeing a new dr next week!


Kristi1 - September 13

Well I wish you luck.... We have officially been ttc for 1 year this month, but we have been married for 4 years and have never used anytype of bc, plus I was married once before for 4 years, had dated for 5 before that, and during those 9 years, only used the occasional condom. The ex now has 3 kids, so I for sure know its me ;-) I did get finally get pg for the first time last November on my second month of Clomid, but it was ectopic. Started back on Clomid this last February, have had an HSG and everything was good except for a cervical polyp and a small polyp in my uterus, niether of which should be causing any problems. So, AF should have arrived today, but I think she is just a little late, but will be here according to my crampy stomache and the drop in my temperatures, so my next step is to have a lap, then if still no pg I am off to the RE.... Whew....thats about me in a nutshell! So, how did you find out your tubes were damaged...through HSG or have you had a lap? I hope it all works out for you! This forum can be really helpful, I am currently on two threads, one for women 34 and over (I will be 35 in Nov) and one called "waiting for our angels" or something close to that... ;-) The angel one is the one I have been on for a year now and there are only 4 of us, one that just had a baby... the 34 and over one there are 5-6 of us, and we just had first bfp today! So feel free to join in on either of those threads if you like! I will keep an eye out for ths one as well if you want to talk more or just need some support! Who knows, maybe we get some more KS girls on here with us!


andalvy - September 13

I found out that my tubes are damaged through an HSG. As the dye went in the tubes just showed up oddly. The left was a huge black mass and the right looked normal until the end which looked like a black ball. I think that the next step for me will be a lap. Ill find out next week!


Kristi1 - September 13

Well AF showed for me today...I am waiting on the Dr office to call me back to see about my lap.... Maybe once they get in there on you, they can open up the tubes or fix whatever may be the problem.... Good luck and keep me posted!


andalvy - September 19

Good luck with the lap. I think that is where Im headed as well. I see a new DR on Friday. We will see what happens.


Kristi1 - September 20

Well, I had the lap on Monday and I am doing well, feeling alot better today than yesterday, just really sore and tender spots...the ended up with 3 incisions, one through my belly button and two at my binki line and those are the ones that are most tender! I did have to wait an hour for my Dr to go deliver a baby, so the whole process took alot longer than thought it would and then my Dr was running behind so I didnt get to hear what all they found, so I finally talked to my Dr this afternoon and she said they removed 2 polyps from my uterus, endometriosis from somwhere ;-), and one of my tubes had an adhesion that was causing it to kinda wrap around the ovary, so she sniped that and freed the tube! I also have two small fibroids on the outside of my uterus that they just left alone since they were small and not protruding into the uterus. So that is what I know. I am to try for another couple months on the Clomid and then she said she may put me on Lupron to stop the endometriosis from growing back and shrink the fibroids and that would be for about 3-6 months and then we would start the whole Clomid process over I am praying for good things these next couple months becuase that would put us into another whole year of tcc!!! Anyway, that is what I know for now....hope you are doing great and if they do the lap, good luck and keep me posted!



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