Any IVF'rs taking Micro Dose Ovidrel?l
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lydeats - March 22

Any ladies taking micro dose ovidrel as part of their protocol? I am part of other threads and I think I may be one of the only ones taking this particular med. I started w/bcps, then moved to lupron with follistim and now adding micro dose ovidrel for 7 days before trigger.


Blakey - March 23

wow, it amazes me how many different protocols our RE's can prescribe. I have taken ovidrel for all of my IVF cycles. But, I don't take it for 7 days....It's a prefilled sryinge, already to administer right when your follicles are ready, and large enough. Ovidrel is used for my trigger shot...(to bring on ovulation in 39 hours) that is when I would go in for my egg retrieval. I never heard of taking it for 7 days. gl to you


BeachGal - March 23

On my medication order it has hcg 10,000IU vial and lowdose hcg 10IU/cc vial. I know that Ovidrel is recombinant hcg. The efficacy of Ovidrel 250 & 500 r both clinically and statistically equivalent to other 10,000 hcg products (I got that from package insert). So I'm not sure what my exact usage will be yet, but being that I'm receiving regular and low dose hcg, maybe the low dose hcg is similar to the micro dose ovidrel. Ovidrel causes follicular maturation and induces ovulation. My guess is the lower dose is enough to mature the follicles but not cause ovulation? Do you also have regular dose ovidrel or 10,000 hcg to trigger ovulation?


lydeats - March 23

Thanks for your protocol seems very different than most. I have an appt tom for bw-us and will ask why the micro dose? Beach I think you are right, it may help mature the follicles but not cause ovulation...that is what the trigger is for. I also have a prefilled Ovidrel injection that I will use to trigger before ER. Beach you very well may have a similar protocol as me with the lowdose hcg. It sounds like ur dose will be 10 units (hcg 10IU/cc vial). I also take 10 units. Maybe ask the next time you are at your clinic and see what they say. I know we are on the other thread too but thanks for taking the time to share your input. Lisa


jacilyn28 - March 24

Hi, i'm taking 10 units of micro dose ovidrel daily with gonal F as part of my protocol. Supposed to provide an LH component to the FSH component in the gonal F that is an essential component of egg development. Good luck!



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