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genevieve - May 18

hello, i am new to this site, i found it while trying to do some research on pregnancy, and thought that i would try to see if any of you could offer me some help. ok here is my question, i am currently trying to conceive, for like the past 5 months, and so far all negative results, i caculate my ovulation, and this month i was due to ovulate around the 14 or 15, so of course my husband and i did what we were suppose to do during that time :). so i supposedly was done ovulating by now, but all of a sudden i have some discharge that came back, and i am not sure why, could it be possible that this month is it, or am i just getting excited to soon, i dont recal this happening before, so i dont know what to think. also, i have been cramping a little too, and i did have some cramping, and sore hips during ovulation period, does anyone know what this means, i would really appreciate any suggestions, thank you all so very much


heba - May 18

I think that you should do a blood test to check for prganacy just to be sure ..


geneveive - May 18

but would that even help since i am only 3 days or so past ovulation, i am really confused...i just havent experianced this before, do women just know sometimes?


Melissa - May 18

Hi. Testing even a blood test would be too early right now. Have you been charting to verify that you did actually o at that time? Maybe you are just now o'ing.


genevieve - May 18

hi melissa, i havent been temping or anything like that, but i have been checking the position of my cervix since af ended, and according to that, i did ovulate on those days...ttc is getting so frusterating, although very worth it at the end lol


milissa - May 19

Melissa said it,maybe you did not O....But it could be sperm?? good luck.


Drew - May 19

Hi Genevieve, I remember when I got pregnant, I had lots of discharge too, and from what I've read that is a sign. But maybe they are right and it is only just now that you are o'ing. Is the consistancy like egg whites? Stringy? Sure signs of o'ing. Good luck it sure is a frusterating uuhhh... process? lol


Cassie - May 19

Genevieve, you asked if some women just "know" if they are pregnant. Some might, but I didn't. I was completely unaware and was in shock when I took a test and it came back positive. (The only reason I took the test was because I was going to a martini bar that evening and we were no longer preventing pregnancy. I wanted to be on the safe side). So in my case, instinct did not tell meI was pregnant. Good luck to you though!


Melissa - May 19

Pregnancy does come with increased cm, but my did not increase until later in my pregnancy (maybe 2nd trimester). Also, I had no idea I was pg. The only reason I took a test is because I felt like puking, pooping, and passing out all at once one day when I was getting ready for work. My hubby joked and said 'you're pg' I said no, but thought about it and took a test. Sure enough, I was 6 weeks along.


genenvieve - May 20

thank you ladies for your responses...however, the reason why i base my o period by those days is because of the 'discharge', and the position of my cervix was high and open during those times, which from my research that i have done is the signs of ovulation ( unless i read wrong ) i just dont know if it is wrong of me to think that i could already be exhibiting signs of pregnancy actually seems weird that i would, but like i said, i havent gotten this before, but i know that there is always a first for everything...i do have an appointment at the end of june ( i know that is far still, but the first available ) so maybe i will ask at that time if they have any idea, but for now i just wanted to see what advice you ladies had to offer me, and you have helped a lot, thank you so much! good luck to all of you!


Melissa - May 20

Every woman is different, so you possibly could be showing signs of pg. However what I read is that most symptoms don't start until week 4. I would wait until the end of the month to test because even if you are only a blood test will show right now.


genevieve - May 20

thanks melissa, i know that i am going to have to is just so frickin hard lol! take care


laimanroom - May 21

well first of all it depends on what day you last had your cyce and how often you get your cyce. I use to get my cycle every 29th or 30th day but now I get mine every 28th day. That helps. If you ovulate every 28th day then count 11 days from when your mentrual first started and that's when you start ovulating and your most fertile day is 12th or 13 day. What i also did was bought and ovulating test. When you see two lines that means you are about to ovulate within the next 24 to 36 hours. Did I help you? I know this because I've been on the internet for hours at the time trying to figure this out and now my own body tells me. I learned alot


genevieve - May 23

yes you did help. i am going to get the OPK's next month if i get another BFN...( i hope i dont though lol) and see if that makes it any easier for me. but i do have a new development in all of this craziness i am still having 'lotion' like cm, and my cervix is still high and now it is closed! what does all this mean....AHHH i just feel like screaming sometimes lol. i just dont know what to think. i am also hoping that i am not getting my hopes up either. thank you so much to all of you who have replied to my question, you have all been such a great help, and definatly are helping me to pass some of my time so that the day for expected af comes faster! thanks again!



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