Any ideas what this could mean?
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dakota - September 7

I'm usually pretty regular with af. Normally between 28-30 days. My husband and I have been ttc for almost 1 year now. This month, something weird is happening, and I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them.On Saturday, I started spotting. Normally, this wouldn't concern me, but I'm early. I started spotting around day 21. Now, today is Wednesday and I'm still spotting. It's brown like normal, right before you would get your normal period. Nothing has changed. So for 5 days now, I have this brown spotting, and no signs of getting my period. (The usual, bloating, cramps, etc.) Anyone else have this? Any advice?


Kristie - September 7

Have you taken a test? It sounds like you could have implantation bleeding.


Danielle - September 7

that happened to me too! spotting around ovulation time. now i should be getting af and have no signs of it! but i took a hpt today and it was a bfn! hopefully too soon?! well see how the week goes...


Cutie - September 7

Dakota, hopefully it is implantation bleeding, try testing, however it could be a little early. I also wanted to say that if it does not stop and you dont get a normal period or BFP, then you need to see a doctor. I had spotting too and it lead to a bigger problem. I am not trying to scare might be okay, but to feel better its good to check with your doctor. Good luck


Dakota - September 8

Thank you for all of your responses. The spotting has stopped, and still no sign of af. I tested last night and got a BFN. Maybe it was too early. I'll just have to wait it out now.



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