any herbs to help conception ?????? plz
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china - June 21

i need something that i dont have to pay alot of money for to help me conceive successfully


chrissy - June 21

there is fertilaid and ovulex


Dina - June 21

sell fertilaid (vitex) which is an herbal supplement that helps regulate your ovulation cycles. Also Robitussin can help thin your cervical mucus and I actually think it worked for me this month. Talk to your doctor too...they might be able to suggest some herbal teas to drink. Good Luck!!!!!


Alissa - June 21

I have been posting the same Q for a long time and I got nothing really..Vitex is an herb that I started taking yesterday it is to help balance out a womens cycle, hormones.. There is also a Womens Vitamin that you can get both of them at GNC or any health food store...Women have gotten pregnant on both...


china - June 21

do they work and how much are they i dont want to spend loads of money on something that wont work


Alissa - June 21

Well as for the Ovulex that company is a joke! they have changed the herbs with out even telling the customers and they dont have enough support for me to buy them! As for the Vitex it was only $6.99 for a 100 tablets. It takes about a month for them to go into affect but maybe sooner depends on the person.


Alissa - June 21

O as for the Ovulex its $77.00 just for the bottle of stuff you dont even know what's in it? Fertilaid I don't know how much that is?


Cutie - June 21

china, I take Ovulex(new version) and it does help. It regulates periods, takes away pms and helps concieve. I dont make anyone go for Ovulex, but if you go to the post: " post" you can read some positive outcomes (regulated periods, and even pregnancies) I buy mine from E-bay and it is $67.00 I wish you very best sweety. Good luck and God bless.



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