any difference b/w semen &cervical fuid
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tensed - November 3

hi frnds today is my 14 day and yesterday night i Bd but in the morning watery fluid is coming out,is that semen or my fluid iam so confused as i always happened after 8hrs of sleep what shud i do ??//
as we r ttc 8 mths..


me - November 4

Semen has a liquidy consistency and usually comes out right away after sex. If you are getting it the day after, it is the residual of the semen, which should look alot like a clear slimey stretchy material, like ewcm. If it is watery, it couldbe yours. I wouldn't worry too much about it because the sperm have reached their destination after 30 minutes. The residual stuff coming out is not sperm, so try not to worry. Good luck!


mckenzie - November 4

just make sure you keep hips elevated right after sex. If you tend to sleep right afterwards then you don't need to worry its just the residue from both you guy. The sperm has already reach destination. Am also ttc for about 8th mnths now so good luck


tensed - November 4

thanx for sharing...



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