Any Clomid users out there that got a BFP
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Joanna - December 30

Just wondering if there is anyone out there that has used clomid alone and got a BFP??


what is clomid? - December 31

what is clomid?thanks


Sis - January 17

I'm on round 3 and no luck yet.


Tehani - January 18

I don't know if im pregnant or not. I have a lot of mucus discharge and cramping in the lower part of my stomach is that normal or am i pregnant i need some advice. thank you


Nica - February 6

Yup! I just got a BFP after my fourth cycle of Clomid (50 mg)!


CJ - February 6

BFP 1st cycle of clomid 50 cd5-9, now I'm 5 weeks. Also 2 friends both same clomid use both preg. the first month with 2 healthy babies first round of clomid. Third friend clomid 50 cd5-9, twins.



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