any christian mothers to be out there?
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drojoshi - August 29

waiting to be blessed with preg can sometimes be tough, yet we wait with giddy anticipation cos He who has promised will not fail...


nans_n - August 29

I'm a Christian but not yet a mom and also waiting to be blessed. I've always wanted to have kids and it seems so difficult for me to get pg. I've been trying to conceive for more that 2 years. I got pregnant last november but unfortunately miscarried last december. I'm still waiting for my blessing to come.


slowpoke01 - August 29

hey nans- dont give up hope it will happen. i have been trying for 10 years and i just got my +. i trried "naturally" for about 9 years and decided to go to the doc this year. i have been seeing an re for 4 months now and on my 2nd iui clomid cycle i got a bfp. so dont give up hope. your blessing will come.


lovemy3 - August 29

Hi there, I am ttc#4 for 4 months. I have 3 kids presently. I continue to pray each month that we will be blessed again.


isa - August 30

I'm Christian but not a mum. Trying over 1 1/2 years, 7 failed iui's and now looks like we are going to do ivf in Sept. We have male factor issues, age related issues and genetic related issues. I may not actually have eggs in my follicles or they may just all be bad due to genetic reasons and we wont know for sure unless we do ivf and they actually go in and see. It's been a very rough road.


marymo - August 30

I am catholic, still trying to conceive after 2 years, although have two children already, which I am very blessed to have. I had an HSG done 2 weeks ago, took a pregnancy test, negative. It gets harder and harder each month, sometimes I think I should just throw in the towel but something tells me to keep trying. If any consolation to anyone, I have been praying to Saint Collette and Saint Gerard, they are the patron Saints for infertility. Good luck to all of you.!!!!!!


nans_n - August 30

hi slowpoke01 congrats on your you've given me hope, thanks a lot..i know that i have to continue trying until i get my own BFP. I just really hope that it will come true for me too...again congrats and hoping for a healthy 9 months for you and your baby.....lovemy3 keep praying for all of us.....isa i hope that IVF will work for you God bless with your plans. hi marymo just continue trying and nice to hear that you already had 2 kids, so i think everything will be alright for know that you can have a baby. Nice talking to all of you ladies and baby dust to all of you. May God bless all of us.


Tammy276 - August 31

Your time will come, and God will bless you with a beautiful child. We have 1 and are expecting our second, after 2 m/c in the past year........After the last m/c I was so depressed thinking it would never happen for me, but I guess it was God's way of telling me it just wasn't 6 months after my m/c, here I am 10 weeks preggers with a healthy pregnancy....He knows what He is doing and hHe will bless you, just be patient and good things will come your way!! Good luck to you and I hope you get your BFP soon!!


Prisoner_of_Hope - September 2

Hi drojoshi and everyone else. I am TTC #1 and a Christian. It is definitely a test of faith for some. Continue to be encouraged and trust.


Prisoner_of_Hope - September 2

Just to add my username is from Zecharia 12.


bj - September 7

Hi everyone! I was reading your post and just wanted you to know that I tried with my first husband (he passed away) for almost 4 years. Now, with my current husband, we tried for 3 1/2 years and am happy to tell you that I am 16 weeks pregnant. God is good and faithful, so don't give up! He can get you through anything!


lovemy3 - September 10

Hi all, Just stopping by to say hello and see how everyone is. Isa, nice to find you over here as well. I hope all is well. What date is your appointment, it must be coming up this month. We are trying this month using the monitor and am on cd15. It is hard to remember its Gods timing, and He knows His plan for our lives. I keep one of my favourite scriptures on my fridge Jer. 29 11-13 and that helps me when I'm doubting. have a great day! XOXO



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