Any advice for me......
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Jennifer - May 12

I am 31 yrs old and have been trying to conceive for 6 years. I have PCOS, and Endometriosis. I have had many fertility tests done, even took fertility pills but had to stop taking them, they almost killed me. Although I do have these things wrong with me, the doctor and fertility specialist said based on the tests that neither disease has caused any damage to prevent me from concieving. I have had 3 laporoscopies for the endo, and 1 operation for a ovarian cyst that would not go away on it's own. I got my period on April 25th and it ended on May 1st. On May 2, I started having PMS symptoms all over again. My breasts are so tender that I want to rip them off my body, not too mention they are a whole cup size bigger, won't fit in to my bras, I feel extremely exhausted no matter how much sleep I get, I cry at everything, and my clothes even feel tighter, I do get these symptoms before my period not this severe though. But I should not be experiencing any of this for at least 3 weeks. Any thought as to why I am going through this. To a lot of people they ask me if I am pregnant. But is that even possible if my period just ended. Or could it be some weird hormonal thing going on. Just looking for some insight.


Amanda - May 12

Take a test!!! My friend had periods the WHOLE time she was pg. Another girl I know had 2 reg af even though she was pg. I think it was just her body getting adjusted.


Jennifer - May 12

Thank you Amanda, I hope that is true for me as well. I will take a test and keep you posted.


lyz - May 17

just wondering how the testing went? im still getting major symptoms including a late period even tho i ovulated and had neg hpt. but there is always hope!


Jennifer - May 17

Well the test was neg. I am on CD23 now and all my symptoms are still present with a few added ones. I have never had a problem with allegies either, and have been battling with breathing, and nose running, watery eyes, for the last week, I was told that women who have never had a problem with allergies can develop during pregnancy, is this true. I am due to get AF on May 23. Will keep you posted on outcome, I pray every night that I am.



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