any1 with an irregular cycle good luck coz im giving up
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rachy - June 28

after 1 year i have decided to throw it away i was on the depo for a year and came off 1 year ago, my cycles r so irregular that after 3 week since my last period my body has just decided to ovulate i found the mucus today well..... just now i havnt prepared myself for it as i thought i ovulated on the 20th/19th this period is supposed to be due on sat 2nd, how can it be wen i am ovulating rioght now> it doesnt make sense and now the chance of me being pregnant is very slim as my fella is at work and theres no way i can fertilize this egg i knew the pain was something and mild cramping but why so late why am i ovulating now its all wrong i wish allm of you so much luck but mine has run out im only 18 aswell so my body must have something wrong with it


Alissa - June 28

No one said this was going to be easy!! And are bodys are so hard to figure out!! :( I have started Vitex to get my cycles on track!! they are anywere from 35-41 days to never??? So I have taken some time off to let the Vitex go to work...good luck Rachy and hang in there :)


Nena - June 28

Rachy, don't give up. I am 5 years TTC, never got period on my own except on pills I am 28 days. I had to take injectables to induce ovulation and yes I did ovulate, I was checking my follicles every other day, I also sone HSG in May. I am still hopping very much that this month I conceived because verything went so well. I am 10 DPO and I am desperately waiting to test. Please don't give up your hopes because I also read too much from this forum and yes many irregular as you conceived. :o) ~*~*~*~*~ BABY DUST TO YOU ~*~*~*~*~


kim - June 28

i think that we all know what you are feeling right now :( but don't give up, you are only 18, you have plenty of time. what you said about your cm, it showing up when you thought that you had already o'ed, that just happened to me this month too. my last period was 2 1/2 wks late (totally thought that it was my turn!! i even waited a wk before testing just to be completely sure, but alas, my period came after 3 bfn's) so i've been charting this month starting from jun3 when i got my period, and should have been o'ing around 15-18th but no changes in temp or cm. then like, 3 days ago i had the ewcm for like half a day?? i was expecting my period on sat 2 or sun 3 too. i sooooo know how frusterating this can be- isn't this supposed to be the most natural thing a woman can do??!! bulls**t !! my advice to you would be just take a couple of months off, go have a few cocktails with your girlfriends on the beach, just completely forget about it. that 's what i had to do a few months ago, i dunno, it worked for me. it let me breathe for a bit, calm down and de-stress, which is what i totally needed. chin up girl, i really hope you feel better soon! kim.


Heather - June 28

Hi Rachy- I am and did have the same problem you are having. I am twenty three and I have never had a regular pd since I started. I started Depo a long time ago got off of it in Feb of 04- did not have my period till march of 05. It is really stressfull when wanting to have children and you cant seem to get your body straight. I have successfully had my period for the past two months. My husband went on the internet to find out your most fertile days and when you ovulate. He went to, When you go to this sight, scroll down and you will see a ovulation calendar. What he did was typed in all my info about my last pd and the dates and it prints you a calendar. The cal. tells you when you ov what days to have sex and what days not to and to be honest when he typed it in, it was correct. I had my period the same day the cal said I would. I really hope your system gets itself together,but it does take time. Like kim said take a break- I destreesed my life a little by leaving the places that made me unhappy and started to have fun and not think of the situation to much and I have finally got on track. Wish you best of luck.



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