anxious anout seeing fertility specialist
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eb - August 14

Can anyone tell me to expect when first seeing a fertility specialist. My appt is 8 /29 I have blocked tubes and i am very nervous.


tina - August 15

my guys just chatted with me for 1/2 hour took my history and set up bloodwork, ultrasounds, an hsg and then we'll review all the findings at the end of the cycle to see where we procede next.


eb - August 15

thanks for anwsering tina. I've had hormone blood work and an hsg through my gyn. Do you think they will do all of that over. I am just ready for the next step we've been ttc for about 13 months.


AmyF - August 15

Good luck eb- let us know how it goes.


eb - August 15

tina and amyf what step are you guys in with ttc?


eb - August 15

I have used two different repro specialist clinics. My first appointment with each was a consultation with the head doctor. We reviewed my dh and my health and lifestyle history. We then discussed our option. Next step was with a NP who created specific timelines and scheduled our tests. All told it was 40 months from first appointment to conception.


eb - August 15

wow that seems like a long time. guess it's worth the wait if you get pg


ruby - August 15

hi eb. i'm in the same situation as you. i have my 1st appt with a fertility specialist this friday, 8/19. i'm also anxious. my dh and i have been ttc for about 9 months (since i m/c last dec) but with extremely long cycles (sometimes no ovulation) my gyno decided to refer me out to a specialist. i also went through bloodwork so i went ahead and called the specialist ahead of time, told them this, and they said they would contact my gyno to get all bloodwork results for which i had already undergone. that's just like me...i wanna do anything to speed up the process. you might wanna try that. how long have you been ttc, eb? if you'd like, we can keep in contact here and i'll give you a heads up when i get out of my appt!!


b - August 15



eb - August 15

Hey ruby that sounds great lets stay in touch we can compare notes. We've been ttc for 13 months. My gyn was supposed to send my records so maybe they have already done that.



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