Anxiety re: TTC
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HaL - March 26

My hubby and i are going to try for a baby when we are on summer vacation this year. We will be in Europe for 1 month and i don't know if i should try on vacation or if i should wait until i come back. The thing is i cannot wait to start trying!! And i heard that if you are relaxed it's easier to get pregnant.

What do ya'll think?


stacey - March 28

I have def. heard that too, but think of how uncomfortable you will be if you do get pregnant and aren't near your dr. Possibly try at the mid or end part of vacation.


Angelya - March 28

HaL: I don't think you should wait personally. I had my first baby at 36 and I think I conceived on my honeymoon. Was almost too easy. Now almost 39, and been trying for a year, with one Miscarriage in dec, now pregnant again (9 wks) fingers crossed...but I never thought it would be this hard for a second one. You just never know, no matter what the age. Good Luck though to all!!


tryin4baby - March 28

just try on your vacation. you can only conceive within a 12 - 24 hour period anyway so figure out when you are due to ovulate and then just try. By the time you get back from the vacation you may still not even know if you are pregnant.


vr - March 29

I think you should go for it! There's nothing saying that Yes, you will get pregnant or no, you won't, but you won't know until you try. My husband and I had a plan of taking a trip to somewhere exotic and trying to get pregnant there. Of course we didn't go anywhere, but it would have been nice to say we brought home "a little souvenoir".


Foxy - April 3

Just do it. What's wrong with getting pregnant in Europe? It's not the 3rd world. Just wondered.


cristin - April 4

Go for it! My hubby and I travelled to Brazil in January and like you, I didn't want to be prego when I went. So we waited to start "trying" until we got there. Now it's April, and we're still trying. Just go ahead and start. You will be relaxed, and even if you conceived there, you won't find out until you were back home near your own doctor.



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