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sand1168 - April 19

i had two follicles cd14, one 18mm and other 17.5mm, did not get shot this time around. went back cd16, both gone and doc is pretty sure the both popped on their own. what are odds of twins?


ginger6363 - April 19

Well, honestly the odds are a bit greater, but in reality not that much. They say odds for a single pregnancy in any given month are 20%---one in five. So, there's some math involved when you multiply 1 in 5 by 2 eggs. The odds are higher and anything is possible, though I have to say it's probably unlikely. Good luck though!


ginger6363 - April 19

I'd say if anything, 2 follicles released, bumps up your chance for a one, viable pregnancy.


sand1168 - April 19

even with clomid


ginger6363 - April 19

clomid slightly increases your chances of multiple birth, you should google the statistics. I was on medication to stimulate ovulation, too, and I have a singleton even though I had on occastion more than one follicle (I am 20 wks). :) Good luck!


slowpoke01 - April 20

sand- my doctor told me that with every 3 eggs released he expects one pregnancy he said that it is possible to get pregnant with twins especially if you are on clomid and twins run in your family it is higher while on clomid. everything has to be just right for both eggs to fertilize and implant so yes you do have a chance of twins but like ginger said it isnt that much higher. good luck to you though and if you want twins i hope that you get them. take care



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