answer ovulation test
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stef - September 19

Hey does any one want to wait tell my period comes or not i hope not i want a baby but my first time i used answer last week i had my LH suge so now i don't know if i preg i feel it but it's making me sick to wait can some help me spend the time away


Mindi - September 19

Stef- the 2 ww wait is the hardest. I have my AF right now and the 2 weeks leading up to Oing and the 2 weeks after are the worst. Too bad you just can't find out a few days afterwards. Do you have any other symptoms? Good luck.


stef - September 20

well my problem is with my first baby i never had any symptoms i know i took a preg test and neg but my husband said it was to early and i know that but i'm going to the doctor is there any thing i could ask them that might help me ?



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