Anovulatory vs Menstrual Bleeding
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SerineMali - May 8

Hey ladies,
I just wanted to know does anyone know how I can differentiate between anovulatory and menstrual bleeding? I read that you can still bleed but not ovulate which can make it look like you had a period. I'm thinking maybe this is happening to me because my periods are so short and I have no pain. Has anyone had this or have any info on it?


soimpatient - May 8

Hey SerineMali! Irregular periods are often a sign of annovulatory cycles. If you are regular then chances are you are ovulating. I recommend trying OPKs every day for an entire cycle to see if you get a positive one. If not, I would suspect that you had an annovulatory cycle. But remember, it is possible to have annovulatory cycles followed with a cycle where you do ovulate. I hope this helps a little bit! Good luck!



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