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gls - October 18

Hi, I was just wondering if anybody here has been diagnosed with being anovulatory?


tanner789 - October 19

i have been dx with anovulatory cycles, they started me on clomid and i am on my second month 5-9 100mg, what about you?


gls - October 19

Been off and on again with clomid and metformin for past 5yrs (been ttc for 6yrs). Wasn't on it for over a year to give myself a break but thinking of going back on. So they must have started you on 50mg clomid? Have you been on metformin too?


DebbAlvarez - October 21

I was dx as being anovulatory about 6 years ago, although I know it's been much longer than that simply because I've NEVER had regular cycles. I've always been late, then I would skip a month, then skips two I might have one period a month by myself. Most recently I as on provera for 5 months straight to try and regulate my periods (as my dr said). She was aware from the start that it was possible for me to lose my insurance. She knew my time was very valuable, but wanted to see if I would fall pg naturally...grrrrr.... Needless to say, my ins was cancelled, she never did give me clomid like she promised and then she cut out my provera. My last period was in Sept, with the help of provera. I've been taking fertility blend, but it's been almost 2 months with no period. Took a test, neg of course..... I'm so frustrated because I don't have any means of getting help with my infertility. Don't have the extra money on the front end to pay for IVF's or IUI's.....Most dr's won't even see you around here unless you have ins, so it's almost a hopeless situation around here....or that's how I feel anyway. I just wish I knew how to have a period. That in itself would give me hope. Any advice? -Deb


gls - October 23

Well I'm not too sure about the insurance thing, all I know is that for infertility it is useless anyways, at least with mine cause they don't cover any stuff like an HSG, or IUI, or IVF. They may cover stuff for irregular periods but that can only go so far cause I can take birth control and regulate it so my doc and I have to be carful about how we word things so that we try and make sure it is covered. My DH and I haven't gone any expensive route like IUI cause we have no money to cover it either, we don't believe in getting into debt so saving is the only option, but when your living paycheck to paycheck that isn't really an option either. So we are stuck. I too have ALWAYS had irregular periods. Ever since I was 13, I can remember going to the doctors and them blowing me off saying that oh it will eventually be regular, just give it time - jerks -. Doctors can be so frustrating!! My cycles does the same thing as yours, I would get a period for one month and nothing for the next three then I would just spot for a month and so on and so forth. After I got married was when it really was frustrating of course cause I wanted to get pregnant and never could, I also would be on my period for months at a time. AF just showed up on sat after nothing for month and half and DH and I decided that we would try acupuncture, since it is covered on insurance, at least a little of it is. So we'll see how it goes. I am so sorry about your insurance situation, that would be really hard to deal with. i've heard great things about Fertility blend, maybe it will regulate your cycles. I wish you all the best luck.



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