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Lynn27 - January 31

Is anyone ttc but doesn't ovulate? Just wanting to talk to others in my situation. I have been ttc for 2 years, the first year I didn't even think about having irregular cycles, I didn't know anything about the delicate process lol. After the first year I started doing a lot of research and found out that since I was so irregular I probably wasn't ovulating and without ovulation you cant get pregnant. Started trying natural things, ovulex, losing weight, no caffeine, healthy diet etc.When that didn't work I got extremely depressed, gained back every pound I lost +5, started eating horrible foods, so I am now back where I started. My cycles range from 3 1/2-4 months! I've been to the doctors, got a physical, blood tests, u/s , etc., they say the only thing they can do is put me on clomid and I am trying to do anything else possible before I do that. I've been taking vitex for 1 month, the day after I started it I got af after 4 months, I know its a slow acting herb but before I started it I didn't even have a cramp and had loads of cm so I don't know what that's about. I've lost 3lbs and have about 20 to go to get into my healthy range. 1 cup of coffee a day etcc. I want to give this a good shot before even thinking about clomid or something else like that. Anyone else have this problem? Sometimes I feel so alone, everyone talking about their 28-34 day cycles and mine are 105-120 lol.


DD - February 1

Lynn27-I have the same problem as you, except I am using clomid. This is my first cycle on it. I couldn't even get my period without provera or prometrium ever since I stopped the pill (end of JULY!)....So, I guess I am impatient and hoping I will ovulate from the clomid...Yesterday was the last pill...So far i've had no side effects or anything like that. Unfortunately Clomid may be the only thing that will make you ovulate, I don't know, i'm not a doctor?!?! But I am in a healthy weight range, I eat decent, dont drink excessively, I exercise regularly and I can't ovulate on my own either. I have never taken any of the herbal "remedies" out there so I cannot even offer any insight on that....I hope you'll give the clomid a try and hopefully you'll only need it for one cycle. It's not your fault either. You can't blame yourself for any of this.


Elyse - February 1

Hi Ladies - I don't have the same issue as you do, but there are so many women here who are on Clomid and it is so helpful, with almost no side effects - basically, it stimulates the pituitary gland. Lynn, don't be afraid of it, it has helped so many women here to ovulate and get pregnant. Good Luck!


Lynn27 - February 1

Thank you for answering! My next stop is clomid, I'm not scared of the side effects but I'm really hoping to get pregnant without medical intervention. I have been hearing a lot of good things about vitex so I'm trying to give it a fair chance before moving on. I'm also hoping that while I am using it I can lose weight, then if I have to move on to clomid atleast I will be in my healthiest shape possible. I'm going to give it 5 months and hopefully by then I will have either started ovulating on my own or be pregnant! It's been so stressful and I know that fertility meds will increase my stress level which is a little frightening lol. But I am willing to do anything to receive a bfp! I just wanted to say thank you for answering me and good luck with clomid and ttc! I hope you get a bfp very soon! Baby Dust**


hopeful06 - February 1

Lynn27.... I have had trouble with ovulation as well. Actually, my story sounds almost exactly like DD's: I stopped birth control in July and have only had 2 periods since. My dr said I wasn't ovulating and put me on Metformin (glucofage). Met isn't approved for ovulation purposes, but it sounds like a lot of doctors choose to use it to help with ovulation before trying more invasive drugs or procedures. I have only been on met for about 10 days now. I spotted for a couple days and I'm hoping that that was a good sign??....I guess I'll find out soon enough! Anyway, you're not alone!! I wish you the best! Baby dust....



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