Another question about Clomid??????
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marymo - March 12

Does anyone know the difference?? When a doc prescribes a woman clomid, is there a difference between taking it cycle days 3 to 6 and cycle days 5 to 9???? Is one cd better than the other???? Thank you in advance!!!


KayteeLeanne - March 14

I dun think so.. i think that your Dr. prescribes u with the days that'll work best for you.. i dun think it makes a diffrence.. im taking it days 5-9.. but ive acually been talking to a woman in the "clomid support" forum.. who concieved by using it days 3-7.. i just think it depends on your situation.. good luck!!


mother2Bsoon - March 14

Hi marymo, I think the doc prescribes based on your circumstance like Katyee said. Many baby blessings to you!!!


Mindy1 - March 14

I think that they try to match it close to your cycle. For instance if you normally ovulate late, they might give you the clomid earlier in the cycle, or vice versa, and depending on how long AF is normally can be a factor. my AF is like 10 days, so they gave it to me 3-7, and AF stopped before my last pill. Other people take it 5-9. Either way it will only affect the time that you ovulate. I would start with 5-9 and if that doesnt work, try the 3-7. thats what my doc did. ::::baby dust:::



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