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marymo - December 5

Can someone still take Clomid when they are ovulating and releasing an egg? and does anyone know if there is a blood test to see if a women is actually releasing an egg each month?


cspears99 - December 6

I think they are impossible to see, so I don't think they can tell if one has actually released, they can see the sacs in the u/s but not the actual eggs?? I think they can predict that if they are going to release it will happen in the time that they give you the hsg shot??? but I am not sure let me know if you hear otherwise, thanks Cheryl


Mega - December 6

Hi Marymo! There is a blood test (sometimes called the day 21 test) that checks progesterone levels after ovulation. That result tells drs with some degree of certainty if the woman did indeed O that cycle. Drs usually look for a value of 10 or above to signal O, though lab values vary. HTH!!! Good luck!


tk07 - December 7

yes you can still take it if you are ovulating and releasing an egg. i don't think if you are ovulating normally you should, but like mine i ovulated most of the time but it was way late in my cycle like day 26 and then my second phase would only be 11 days. but i had a couple months when i did not ovulate so i was put on clomid. and i agree with Mega on the progesterone, but when you are on clomid i think it shoud be above 20....
are you on clomid or going to be?


Mega - December 7

Yeah that's right tk, on drugs like Clomid
dr's do prefer it to be above 10. My clinic
prefered 15 & above but on clomid mine
was mainly around 10 to 12 I believe & my dr wasn't worried, he thought I was
still responding pretty well to the Clomid.



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