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Anny - November 8

remember how im always saying that girls get pregnant so easily. today my best friend just came to work and she's been sick and thinks she might be pregnant but she's about to take the test she just arrived all nervous and im happy for her and hope she is but she didnt plan it and here i am planning it and still waiting!!


MsMonet - November 8

Anny- Pls, stop that. Girl, be happy for your friend if she is pregnant. Your time will come... Be positive! Everyones route is different... Some people have to travel the long way and others travel the short way... I want to have children just as you do... But we must be more positive, girly. I know of someone who passed away from cancer. This woman tried to fight it til the very end. She dropped from 180 to 90lbs. Near her last days on this earth, all of her organs completely stopped working... She didn't know her family or friends and didn't even know her name. All of this occured within a few wks and she was gone. It was horrible to watch this but she'd also asked me before the final wks the value my life. The ability to breath, walk, talk and love. Anny, value those things and be happy for your accomplishments and others. Your time will come... Be patient!


linds99 - November 8

I know how you feel, it seems so unfair right? You can feel like that. A little story, my girlfriend emailed me a few weeks ago and told me she is 4 months pregnant, due in March...with her 3rd. I remember when we helped organize her baby shower with the four years later she is gonna have a 3rd...and you know what she said to me " you better hurry up, my kids are gonna be old enough to babysit your kids by the time you have them." I felt so sad that she said that since I have told her for the last year I have been trying. And she knows I am seeing an RE. My point is that people around don't realize how sensitive infertility can make a woman. But I know what you mean... she's all "fertile myrtle" and we're just sitting here in a daze wondering when our turn is coming! Keep your head focused on yourself...this woman may end up being a very useful resource for you if she is pregnant, and may guide you when you become pregnant.


MsMonet - November 8

Good response, linds99.


Anny - November 8

thank you girls but i just came back with my girl and the test gave her a negative response so she's not and she's happy she's not but in a way i feel bad cuz i know she does want a baby! but im here for her and she knows it.....



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