Another month to go - HCG shots waiting for me
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*Nena - May 31

Well, my a/f is here. I will have to take HCG shots to induce ovulation starting tomorrow. Anyone have experienced this and do they have any side effects? Does this mean you can have multiple births? Well I woudn't mind twins but not more than that!!! Anyone similar experience, please advise.


stacey - May 31

what do HCG shots do? They induce ovulation? I don't understand are you not ovulating now, just bleeding?


Nena - June 1

I don't ovulate on my own and that is why I have irregular periods. I have to take HCG shots to induce my ovulation. I will have to start from tomorrow and I hope I ovulate this month and get prego after 5 yrs TTC *^*^^**^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^^*^*


Nena - June 1

I have been told to start with Menogon Injections 75 ml from the 3rd day of my cycle, every other day, and than to have Pregnyl injection 1500 ml. Has anyone has similar therapy to induce ovulation. I am in the first time of this HCG injection and I am a bit stressed for the side effects. Any comments will be appreciated. Baby dust to all of us!



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