Another HSG?
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MelissaV - July 27

I had an HSG almost a year ago...found what looked like cysts & blocked tubes. Then I had a lap a month later and was dx with endo. The doctor put me on 6 months continuous bcp & now we've been ttc again for 4 months (3 w/prometrium for low progesterone)'s my question: Have any of you gone through an HSG, had a lap, not gotten pg, and then asked for another HSG? I go back to my ob tomorrow, and am wondering if I should request another HSG to see if my tubes ever actually got unblocked from the lap.


Mega - July 27

I wouldn't think it would hurt to ask, in fact I think that would be a very good idea. Also when you ask you could mention that you've heard that for some reason you're more fertile within the next 3 mos. after your HSG, and you'd like to up the odds a bit more. I'd say another HSG is more than warrented in your situation & if this dr won't do it maybe find one who will. Also, has your partner been checked out as well? Maybe there are male issues too? We spent so much time & effort getting my issues (PCOS) worked on thinking I was the bigger reason we weren't getting pg only to find out my DH's low morphology went from 5% down to 0% in a year's time. It's back up to 1% now though, so it's slowly improving. But I'd recommend getting another SA too, esp. if it's been sevveral months since your partner was last checked out. Good luck! In the 2 years I've been TTC one thing I've learned is don't be afraid to make suggestions to your dr, make them treat you aggressively. Good luck tomorrow & I hope you get your HSG! HTH!!


MelissaV - July 27

Thanks for your response, Mega. I went to the doctor this morning, and since we've only been trying 4 months since post-lap/endo treatment, she wants us to give it 2 more months of trying. Then she's sending me to an RE. She said she could do the HSG, but she said the RE will probably want to do another one, so give it 2 more months of trying naturally, since my charts/opk's are showing that I do ovulate. Since I'm ovulating, she didn't want to prescribe Clomid, because she said the risks with cysts rupturing & adding scar tissue, she didn't feel comfortable with that option. This whole process is TOTALLY frustrating, but I am just going to take her advice & hope "nature" just happens on it's own. In the meantime, I think DH & I are going to try to figure out how to come up with the money for in-vitro in the next few months. Oh, I almost forgot to answer your question...yes, DH has been tested twice (Made him before I went through any tests or surgeries) He is fine, although, I'm sure he'll get to give his "donation" one more time for the RE. SInce He's fine, my ob said that IUI is probably not even an option.



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