ANOTHER endometriosis question...
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rae - March 23

sorry to ask another quesiton about this because i see so many about endo, but mine is at what age were you all diagnosed, and is this more common in older women. and also is it hereditary... see i am fairly young and have had some symptoms as well and was wondering if being in your early 20s and actually having it was common. i havnt been tested. thanks ladies... ANY info is helpful!!


Samantha - March 24

Rae i have endo also and i was diagnosed with it in my 20's. My doctor said alot of women have it and do not even know. However, there is treatment so see a doctor soon.


Terry - March 26

Rai... I have had endo on and off since I was 20. I am now 31 and just had a tubal pregnancy and it was found again. Every couple of years the doctors have gone in through laporoscopy and removed what they could.



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