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Anny - February 5

so my friend has been in and out of doctors she's had fevers and throwing up blood just horrible and it turns out she's 7 weeks preggers so im excited cuz im the godmother but i feel so dissapointed once again like why not me?? but im super excited for her i just wish i could feel the happiness and go home and tell my hubby im pregnant!! :{..but i have a quiestion anyways!so today is the 5th and i get my periiod on the breast are really tender and feel heavy i ovulated on the 3rd so i figure the symptoms would be gone right? but they still hurt alot! is this normal


Anny - February 5



ginger6363 - February 5

Anny, it's hard to say if this is normal. Truth is our bodies do weird things, back in Aug. I swore I was PG. I had tender boobs way longer than ususal, aversion to smells and was very nauseous. I wasn't pregnant at all, it was just my body playing tricks on me. When I did concieve in Dec. and found out in Jan, I had no symptoms at all except for gas and bloating---which for me isn't that uncommon :) You never know. You just hope, pray and TEST! Good luck!



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