Another ++ OPK On CD 19? Now Iam Confused!
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sherry - November 7

i had a positive opk, or the darkest i have seen it, plus EWCM, and o pains, a few days back, and bd for the next couple days. now, yesterday, for the heck of it, last night actually i took a opk, and it was the darkest ever. darker then the first, and my cervix was still soft and open, and i got the 'o" cramp again, so we bd last night as well, but i doubt i'll be able to get it again from dh tonight. he's worn out. do i got a good chance, if last night, was the real positive, and i bd hours later, or is that too soon? who knows maybe it was ++ in the morning to. iam very confused about this cycle. could you ovulate twice?


me - November 7

It may be possible that the surge was not at its peak yet, as opposed to ovulating twice. I think you are fine if you bd every other night to give hubby a break. I would try and keep bding every other day until your O pains and signs go away. I think you will be fine and have a good chance. Good luck.


. - November 7

You SHOULD be bd'ing prior to O, so you did good even if your O was later then you thought. I agree w/ me above..Keep bd'ing until you dont get a postive and your signs leave. Good Luck!


to Sherry - November 7

your LH surge can last a couple of days. I was reading just today that some tests are really sensitive so they detect LH in smaller amounts and this actually isn't good since you want it to detect when you have large amounts or a "surge." I think I read this on peeonastick/ today....I've read a ton of stuff today though. Keep bd'ing just in case!!! once a day. :)



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