Annual check up
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gmh - February 12

Hi, I have a question just not sure but ttc for 3yr and have went in for annual check up but with my regular OBGYN, not my RE. My cycle was cancelled in Jan. not responding to inject. but was told to try old fashion way.. so we did.... I am 2day's late for AF, don't think I am pg. should I post pone the annual check up?


slowpoke01 - February 14

you should take a pregnancy test. if you want you can even get a blood test when you go for your annual checkup. i think that you definitely need to find out for sure if you are pregnant or not. dont skip the annual checkup, maybe ask for a pregnancy test there. the blood beta tests are more accurate than the urine and can even pick up lower levels of hcg. good luck.


mother2Bsoon - February 14

I agree with slowpoke. Whenever I go for my annual they ALWAYS take a pregnancy test. So, be sure to ask for one and let the nurse know your concerns. I am sure she will alert the doc and will consider the blood work too.



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