Ann, new thread, done with IUI #1
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cromwell - August 2

Well, that is done. It was more like a regular appointment. I thought they would do a scan today but they just did the procedure. I have another scan tomorrow. I wondered if they even timed it right since it was the follie was big enough on Monday and he was worried it would rupture. Oh well, done now. The regular doc was out and this was another partner. He came in and said "are you read to meet 16 million new friends?. I told him my husband was concerned about making sure I got the right sample. Poor dh, this performing on command was not so easy. He was feeling pressured. I love this message board, it is hard not being able to confide in anyone. My dh is upset about the sperm issues plus I have only told one or two close friends about this IUI stuff. I hope it works. How is your pregnancy coming? Hopefully you are headed out of first trimester soon. Maybe time isn't moving as fast as I think it is! L


Ann1 - August 2

That is great! I am glad the iui went well. I didn't tell anyone at all about my iuis--I still haven't and won't tell! So, I know what you mean about the board. It kept me sane. You had the trigger on Monday, didn't you? If your dh had 16mil, that is good. The drs usually thing over 10mil is good. My pregnancy is going really well so far. I almost feel guilty that I haven't felt really sick or anything.


cromwell - August 2

Tomorrow is another scan. I almost worry that they missed the big event by a bit. He said the egg was viable for 24 hours but I remember reading more like 12 to 24. Oh well. So, I finally asked again about DH's issues. His motility was 35% and his morphology was 6% and they would like it to be 14%. When I keep agonizing over whether we should have gone down this road, I wonder if this was something that really would have been a factor --we did get pregnant back in Feb. So it didn't make him infertile but to what extent did it make him subfertile is he reall subfertile?? Can't go back now. This is what comes from telling anyone, really. Should have never given anyone a chance to have an opinion. But one of my friends went through 2 years of infertility and finally went on Clomid (w/o IUI) and she got pregnant. She was a year or so younger, 35 at the time. Laurie


Ann1 - August 2

I was always sure that I had Oed sooner, but don't worry about that. I had follies get up to 27 and 28mm one month. 20mm doesn't mean it is about to go--if he had told you it was rupturing at the time, that would be a different story. Did they tell you dh's motility after the sperm wash? You will be surprised how much of the bad sperm them can get out by washing! Even if your dh's count was stellar, doing the clomid and iui can only help. Don't worry about it so much!! You are doing the right thing. It is way better to be agressive than be sorry later.


cromwell - August 2

Okay, so is spotting normal? I am having a little.


Ann1 - August 2

Yes, that is normal. The cells on the cervix are very delicate. Unless you are bleeding heavily, having severe cramps, or a fever, you are good.


cromwell - August 3

So tomorrow I start progesterone suppositories. Every day is a new day! The follie did rupture, so that was good news. Let us pray!


Ann1 - August 5

That is great about your follie! Keep me posted when you start testing. Good luck!!



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