ANN1*** Are you out there still?????
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Carole - October 31

Hi Ann! I used to post with you on the Life after IUI threads and it seems those have died. Wanted to see if you ever heard from Elyse again and if we know anything about her babies. Also, wanted to give you an update about me. I am 8 weeks 3 days pregnant today. It happened on a natural cycle after temping and watching fertility signs. Go figure, huh? Well, ,if you have time, I would love to hear an update about you and what week you are in. By the way, Do you still chat with CC??


Carole - November 1



Ann1 - November 1

Hi Carole! That is SO great!! Congrats. Tell me all about it--how you found out, have you had your first u/s yet? Did you see the heartbeat? Are you showing at all yet? Sorry it took me so long to respond. I have been out of town for a while (work) and then came back to (of course) hecticness.


Carole - November 2

Ann! Hey There! I am so glad you are are still around. I wasn't sure, but I also know your job keeps your busy. Well I don't know if you remember but I did an IUI cycle with meds in June and it didn't work. I decided to temp after that to see what happened. I had a 54 days cycle after the medicated one. Took forever but I did O according to Fertility Friend. So I kept on charting and the next cycle was much shorter. I o'd on cd25 that time. We only bd 2x but we hit it right on the mark. It was funny, that 2ww did not bother me as much. I didn't even POAS until 13dpo and that is when I got my positive. I just sat in the bathroom and cried. ANd then got to work and called for a beta. It came back at 145 and then I went in 2 days later and it was 330. Then we scheduled an U/S but it was like almost 3 weeks away b/c they wanted me to be close to 7 weeks. And of course I had no symptoms as all. So I was worrying a lot. I even called about a week and 1/2 before my u/s and asked for another beta. It was 11,813. So that made me feel better. I had my u/s 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I was 6w6d and we saw the heartbeat. It was such a relief. My RE released me back to my OB and I saw him this past MOnday. He tried to listen for the HB by doppler but it is too early. I have had some nausea in the last week. Very tired, and boobs have grown. Pants are a little tight at the abdomen. I still get dizzy sometimes too when I stand up too quick. But today is one of those days when I don't feel pregnant and it worries me. I feel like at some point my baby is going to stop growing and I wont know it. My next appt isn't until the Monday after Thanksgiving and I hope to hear the heartbeat at that point. But how am I going to keep sane until then?? Did you ever feel this way? So tell me about you. What week are you in? I bet you are showing quite a bit. Have you had any troubles?? Email me when you can! So nice to chat with you again. Did you ever hear from Elyse?? Do we know what happened to her?? What about CC, are you still chatting with her? Talk to you soon!


Ann1 - November 2

I felt exactly the same way you have many times--no symptoms/don't "feel" pg. I wonder if it may partially be a height thing, since I know we are close to the same height. Like maybe with a longer torso you have more trouble feeling things.?.? BTW, good luck when you have to start buying maternity clothes. It is tough. None of the waiting got any easier for me until I got all the screening tests back (for Downs, etc.) and I started feeling the baby move. So, just try to hold onto your sanity!! You saw the heartbeat, and that is a huge, great step. I didnt' have much nausea either and I never had m/s. So, don't stress on the symptoms too much. I have been feeling great lately--showing a lot. I just hit 23 weeks this week. I have never heard from Elyse, but I wonder about her all the time. Hopefully, she will post again someday. CC will be doing a FET in December. I am so glad you got pg and that everything is going so well!



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