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Mom786 - November 16

Hi All:

Well, I used this site when I was having problems getting pregnant and I am very excited to share a news that I am now 9 weeks pregnant.

I wanted to share how me and my husband went through fertility treatment as it may will benefit some of girls who are in same boat.

After some test, we found out that my Husband had low sperm count and him and I had high prolactin level. High prolectin level may cause infertility in male and female.

We were on Bromocriptine medication to bring down the prolectin level, but we were told that it would take few months after when the prolactin level gets to normal.

My husband started taking Repronex injection twice a week just after when his prolactin level got normal. That injection was very expensive (300 Canadian $ for two weeks supply ) but luckily it was covered for us.

In around two months of this treatment, I got pregnant ..

Me and my husband were trying for last two years but we were in fertility treatment for almost last 6 months.

There is always a light at the end of tunnel and I wish that all of girls who are trying to get pregnant get good news soon ...

If anyone have any specific question, please dont hesitate to write me.. i will love to answer.



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