AMY did you test yest
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isa - July 28

Hope you got your bfp today...let us know


Amy - August 2

Hey, well i got af the 27th. it started out really really light and i was thinking that maybe it was implantation bleeding but then, she really started coming. So, i guess on to month two. Hope we can do it this time. Take care:)


isa - August 3

sorry to hear it. I started my investigative cycle with the fertility clinic this month. Go agai tomorrow to see how ovulation is going. I had 2 follicles and they will tell us when to bd and once we get the go ahead for bd'ing we do it that night then skip a night, bd, skip a night, bd (so in 6 days we have 3 babydancings) and they will check and see what happens. So far i"m all ok, with what they've told me but dont know about dh sperm tests for another week 1/2 or so.


Amy - August 3

Hey. Well, I wish you two the best of luck. we are gonna try again. lol. i know it will happen. besides, we did just start trying so , gotta give it some time. anyhow, take care girl and loads of baby dust your way!:)



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