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Amy - March 15

Anyone read Amy Andrews book on this website on how to get pregnant naturally (www.become-


Amy - March 15

Sorry the name of the author is Carol Andrews


shira - March 17

i also read about her but i didn't read her book. She keeps talking about how she has a secret to getting pregnant!!! I really want to know what her secret but i am not sure if i should buy her book. Does anyone know about her "secret" to getting pregnant???


april - March 24

what does it mean when u have cramps


pinkie - March 31

i never read the book.


May - April 1

Yeah! I bought the book about 4 months ago and I'm still not preggo. It just talks about how she and her husband eat organic everything, exercise, take this specific vitamin list, drink purified water, no caffiene or alcohol etc. The "secret" is that timing is everything. She uses temp method for determining ovulation. She says to avoid old eggs and sperm (have sex the day before you ovulate)and build up sperm count (which means not any kind of ejac 3 days before ovulation) and do not try at all if you ovulate after day 15 bc the egg is old or something. It pretty much goes against all the other stuff like having sex every other day and then when your OPK is positive have sex every night for three nights, skip one night, have sex, then wait. I think that is the egg meets sperm plan and it seems to make more sense. Who knows. But I was the sucker that bought it, and maybe my purchase will help one of you!!!!! Baby Dust!!!!!


C - April 1

I don’t want to sound negative but just because this women tried EVERYTHING under the sun doesn't mean her methods are right... They worked for HER and what's to say it was all the things she did that got her pg? I’m not spending the $$ & will do as much research as the internet will give you for FREE. Her whole schpeal that is given tries to butter women up so they SPEND $$$$ for the answers! She's trying to make a buck. Just my opinion. +++++ baby thoughts to us all!


Lori - April 1

Her book was based on the Foresight Programme. Google it and you have her organic diet.


stacey - April 2

May- that's what I was trying this month- sperm meets egg plan. Unfortunately, not sure when I ovulated, and hubby's getting a little tired to do every night for the 3 days. I have a really long cycle and was never sure when I was ovulating, so if I thought I was, we'd go 2 in a row, skip one.


May - April 2

Stacey, my husband played the too tired for three in a row card too. I had a positive OPK test or surge or whatever and the next day I had pain which I assume means I ovulated yesterday. Hope those two nights covered it!! I just started taking this Ovulex and I guess maybe that is why I could feel that mild pain from ovulating. Then again, I could just be imagining the whole thing. Anyway, good luck to everyone. Have you tried the ovulation predictor kits?


L - April 4

May, Thank you for sharing... It's so wrong to charge for something that we all want so badly. I was really upset when I found her article only to find that I could "purchase it". If she were any around me I would have kicked her butt I swear.... Knowing how much we all wish we were pregnant. If I had answers to make it easy for us I would gladly volunteer it. Well I wish you the best in ttc, however you get it done! :) Baby dust to all!!!


BABY GIRL - April 6



Mary - April 6

DO NOT waste your money on the SECRET by Anderws. It is NOTHING SPECIAL.
I am a fool who bought it too.... Save your money for something like a nice manicure or pedicure. SHE is WAY wrong to attract people like us....


May - April 7

I totally agree on the save you $$$ comment. But, being the sucker that I am, I bought Ovulex over the internet and have been taking it this month. Due to start in about a week. Will let everyone know how that works before we all spend lots of cash on it. Anyone heard any neg or positive on it????


TS - April 8

Thank you for sharing, those of you who purchased the "miracle book". I came very close to buying it but then I got so angry that she has turned her struggle and ours into a money making scheme! I can only hope that this is not making her rich!!! Thanks again for sharing!


linda - April 16

what is tube pregant


Sue - April 28

I just read about it but I am also interested in anyone who has used Ovulex, does it really work and what about people who have long ovulation cycles already and still don't get pregnant?



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