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Crystal - May 25

This is totally off subject but I was just wondering who you guys thought was going to win american idol?


LH - May 25

Carrie Underwood!....At least, that's who I hope wins!....giggle...I mean, I like Bo also, but I just prefer female perhaps my thoughts shouldn't count for much....We'll find out pretty soon though!


crystal - May 25

I want carrie to win too!!!! I like bo okay but I like carrie better.


nancy - May 25

I also like Carrie, she is great


Amanda - May 25

i want go carrie to win go carrie.....................


christina - May 25

ok i like carrie alot as is very good, but i actually wish that constantine was still on!


l - May 25

Im not into twangy county music. She's pretty but not my style. I like Bo.


l - May 25

country sorry i can spell really.


April - May 26

I want carrie underwood to win..but honestly everyoen should know Bo Bice will win because its different they havnt had a rocker yet.. and you see how everyone is goig crazy for Bo.. so i think Bo will win! BUT I HOPE CARRIE!


AMANDA - May 26



Crystal - May 26

Congrats to Carrie!!!! I am so happy!!!!


Natasha - May 27

I wanted Carrie Underwood to win and she won! Horray for Carrie.


Natasha - May 27

YAY Carrie!


lori - May 28

Bo should've got it I believe. He's great. Anyway Constaine should've been on there longer than Anthony.


to lori - May 28

carrie was allot better then bo,,,, bo was ok but i dont think he even compares to carrie and anthony was alot better then constatine


nicole - May 28



jenn - May 28

anthony was just cute, he wasnt that good a singer, definately not the showman that constantine or bo are! carrie os sweet but really stunk at the song they are letting her release that she sang at the end of the show.And I thought Anwairre the music teacher from nj was awesome too.



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