Am I too old to get pregnant?
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Angela Blackmon - May 11

Hello! I'm 36 years old and I'm trying to get pregnant with my new husband who is 35 years old. We have been trying to get pregnant for about 3 mths and I just started to period today May 11, 2006 and not sure if I should be worrying now or what. I have had abortion back in 1999 with my first husband and then have a miscarriage because I had empty sack pregnancy back in 2006. What should I do? I do drink coffee, diet coke, and milk but I don't smoke or do drugs. My husband drinks coffee and soft drinks. My first husband was not a good person and I'm worried because he cheated a lot that maybe he gave me something or I'm just to old to have a baby. Please help because I'm in a very loving relationship now and wanting a family of my own is the most important thing in my life now!


Tink - May 11

if you haven't already consulted your ob/gyn, please do- let them know you are trying and for how long. most docs will start helping you with fertilty testing or treatments if you are over 35---as long as you have been trying for at least 6 months. they make the younger folks try for a year before seeing them usually. so seek help at 6 months or sooner if you feel like it. with your history , they might go ahead and see you now and let you know what things you can do or try. are you tracking your temps using ovulation kits or fertility friend? are you sure your ovulate? these are all first steps and things the ob/gyn can help with. they can also do further testing to check your tubes, your DH's sperm etc. You are definitely NOT too old. I am almost 34 and pregnant with my first through in vitro. my DH is almost 36. in no way do i consider us old. women are having healthy pregnancies well into their forties. best wishes!


Jennacat - May 11

Angela, YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD!! My Mother's paster and his wife had 2 babies when she was in her forties. Good luck!


MICK81EY - May 11

Angela, your not to old at all. Don't worry about ur age. Go to ur gyno and tell him ur trying and he/she will be able to help u. Good luck !!!


EMO13 - May 14

My mother had me at 36 and had my brother at 42. I want to get pregnant and Im 35 going on 36 this year. I dont know what it is but I feel its so hard to get pregnant these days. My advice to you is to plan your pregnancy with an OB/GYN doc. Why ?? Because woman our age sometimes are not fit with all the hormone levels needed or vitamins in our body to hold a pregnancy. With a routine check up and blood work they can determine if you can get pregnant at this time. I got pregnant and had a molar pregnancy - went through hell and back in a matter of days. Im ok now but wont be able to get pregnant for another year. Good Luck with your pregnancy and go get checked first. God Bless you.


caribangell - May 14

Hi Angela you are NOT too old to have a baby now, Just chang your diet to a more veggie menu.You and DH, and have an hsg done by your OB/GYN, once you've ruled out everthing then go for it. I've done a lot of research and I found out it took the average healthy 21yrs old about 6 mts to a year to get preggos, so don't get discourage and pray.I was reckless for 2 yrs and got preggos @ 21 and I was a veggie and I Excersise as well so...I was within my ideal weight and was considered very healthy.


caribangell - May 14

I was reckless with my DH by the way, I was not all over the place with men . Just to clarify.LOL


Val - May 15

Angela - you are not too old. I'm 38 weeks pg at age 37 (dh is 36) with our first. It took us a year to get pg after a mc. Several of the suggestions mentioned are good ones...Definitely get to know your cycle (the site "fertility friend" is great for that) so that if you do see a specialist, you'll have some good data, and also so that you'll have a better chance of hitting your fertile days. Start taking prenatal vitamins and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Check in with your OB/GYN and make sure your annual tests have been done. (pap, etc.) You may want to cut back on the caffeine, but it might not matter. Keep in mind that it can take several months to get pg, so don't get worried if it doesn't happen right away. Try to have fun having sex and try not to think too much about baby-making (easier said than done!) But if it hasn't happened after 6 months, definitely talk with your OB (or a specialist) about some basic testing (progesterone levels, fsh, etc.) And I know people don't like to be told to relax, but after ttc for a year and getting very depressed and anxious about it, I found it interesting that I finally got pg after I addressed my low progesterone levels, irregular cycle length, and did hypnotherapy which got me more relaxed than I'd been in a long time. Two good books are Taking Charge of Your Fertility; and Staying Fertile Longer. Best of luck!


tonyaandjoe - May 15

maybe you just need help ovulating, maybe you don't do that on your own.they can give you meds to help.


countrymom - May 21

You are not too old. You are young by today's standards for having a baby. I'm 41 and was able to get pregnant. You have been trying for only 3 months. By anyone's standards that is no where near infertility. I have read that women who drink caffeine can have a harder time getting pregnant so you may want to consider cutting back. You may also want to talk to your doctor about an hsg which can help determine if there are any blockages in your fallopian tubes from previous possible infections. Good luck! It will happen.


Sonyamac - May 21

Hi there, I am 38 1/2..I just had my first a son last July and we are pregnant again, due in January.....I required iui on medicated cycles to get things rolling..but it worked.
I would advise that you see a fertility specialist or get your GP to try at least Clomid? Just my thoughts...I know that over 35-there is only a 15% chance to get pregnant each month..that is what my GP told me...
Good luck to you!


Angela Blackmon - May 22

Hello to everyone! and thank you so much for your advice. I have another question someone told me about taking my temp every day! But I have a problem I live in Holland and can only find the normal body temp (digtal). Would that be fine? God bless everyone!


Angela Blackmon - May 22

tonyaandjoe what do you mean about help ovulating. I just keep own telling my husband if we were in high school we would not be having this problem. lol!!!!!


Angela Blackmon - May 22

sorry "on" not "own"-lol



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